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FSHD1 and FSHD 2 Billing Directives

Billing Requirements

The UIDL FSHD1 and FSHD2 Test Requisition affords you the ability to request certain billing options. Below is important information to review before selecting a billing option and submitting a specimen to the UIDL for testing.

Who are you intending the UIDL to bill?

Please click the appropriate link below for the applicable billing recipient:

Before Proceeding:

  1. Do not collect a patient specimen until all billing requirements have been fully vetted.
  2. FSHD collection kits may be requested from the UIDL only after all billing requirements are fully vetted and determined.
  3. Collect the specimen on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday and expedite overnight shipment to avoid weekend delivery on the same day of collection with an accurate and complete UIDL test requisition.
  4. Should an already collected specimen need to be sent prior to the billing requirements being fully vetted, you may choose a Process and Hold option in the billing section of the UIDL FSHD test requisition.
  5. The UIDL reserves the right to process and hold a specimen, to facilitate specimen integrity, that arrives with a billing directive deemed to be inadequate. The referring institution will be notified that additional billing information must be provided before testing will proceed. If the responsible billing party cannot be determined, and all billing requirements have not been met after 6 months, the test order will be canceled.