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Developmental Biology

ferret lung airway

Brad A. Amendt, PhD

  • Mouse models for craniofacial anomalies
  • Transcriptional gene networks for craniofacial and tooth development
  • New approaches and mouse models for microRNA function
  • The role of Hippo Signaling in craniofacial growth

Botond Banfi, MD, PhD

  • NADPH oxidase regulation in hair-cell development in the inner ear 

Robert Cornell, PhD

  • Use of zebrafish as a model to understand the gene-regulatory pathways that establish and maintain neural-crest lineages
  • Mechanisms affected by those disruptions of the ion channel TRPM7 that cause melanocyte death and embryonic paralysis
  • Roles of transcription factor AP-2 proteins in neural-crest specification and survival
  • Role of transcription factor Irf6 in normal craniofacial development

Martine Dunnwald PharmD, PhD

  • In vivo function of novel cleft-associated genes in craniofacial development
  • Role of cleft-associated genes in epidermal development and differentiation

John F. Engelhardt, PhD 

  • Transcriptional control of submucosal-gland formation in the airway
  • Somatic-cell reprogramming by nuclear transfer and the development of new genetic models

C. Andrew Frank, PhD

  • Development of the Drosophila neuromuscular junction in the context of unstable synaptic function

Fang Lin, MD, PhD

  • Investigation of G protein signaling in zebrafish embryogenesis

 Tina Tootle, PhD

  • Use of Drosophila, in particular oogenesis, to elucidate the molecular mechanisms underlying prostaglandin action

Sam M. Young, PhD