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2021 Anesthesiology presentations announced

The anesthesiology annual meeting

The Department of Anesthesia is pleased to have several of its faculty and trainees presenting at the 2021 Anesthesiology annual meeting Oct. 8-12. Nearly three dozen faculty, residents, fellows, and externs will participate in panel discussions and present medically challenging cases, oral presentations, posters, quality improvement projects, and workshops at the hybrid online and in-person event in San Diego.

Medically Challenging Cases:
Cook RD, Hanada S: “Impella the Impaler”
Gray EJ, Feider AJ: “North-South Syndrome After Peripheral ECMO Cannulation”
Jindal A, Subramani S: “Refractory Hypercarbia Warranting Mechanical Ventilation In An Elective Robotic Thoracic Surgery”
Naik LYS, Alfi ME, El-Hattab YMS: “Code Stroke with Concurrent Sub Massive Pulmonary Embolism Following Covid 19 Infection”
Naik LYS, Subramani S: “Tavr Complicated by Multiple Events Warranting Emergent Surgical Avr”
Rajwani H, Hanada S: “The Use of a Double-lumen Endotracheal Tube Postoperatively in the ICU to Protect One Unaffected Lung From Edema in the Other”
Rier A, Samuelson BA, Hanada S: “Acute Pulmonary Embolism Caused By Abdominal Pannus Retraction In An Awake Patient In The Operating Room”
Samuelson BA, Rier A, Hanada S: “High Spinal Anesthesia in Active Carcinoid Syndrome for Right-sided Double Valve Replacement”

Oral Presentations
Dexter F, Epstein RH, Mojica JJ, Schwenk ES: “Lower Limit for the Time to Perform a Series of Preoperative Nerve Blocks in Multiple Patients”
Epstein RH, Dexter F, Fahy B, Diez C: “Most Surgeons' Daily Lists of Elective Cases at Most Hospitals in Florida Include Only 1 or 2 Cases”
Fatuzzo M, Neuman MD, Hadler R: “Perioperative Management of Do-not-resuscitate Orders: Do Practices Align with Guidelines?”
Kaczka DW: “Physiological principles: volutrauma, barotrauma, atelectrauma, biotrauma, and ergotrauma”
Sondekoppam RV, Hong I, Bigam K, McConnell B, Ozelsel TJP: “Sevoflurane, Compound A and Nephrotoxicity: A Meta-analysis of Randomized Control Trials in Animals”
Wong CA: “One-third of a Century of Learning: The Contributions of Anesthesiologists to Obstetric Care”

Pearson ACS: “Millennials in Healthcare: Challenges and Driving Changes”
Reddy SD: “Iron Deficiency and Preoperative Anemia Optimization in the Surgical Patient”
Sharma A: “Preoperative optimization for cardiac surgical patients with a focus on infection control, nutritional status, frailty, and nutritional augmentation”
Titler SS: “CON: Morbidly obese pediatric patients should NEVER have surgery at a freestanding ambulatory surgery center”
Wong CA: “eSAS FAER/ARMA Sponsored Mentoring Session”
Wong CA: “FAER: Defining the Academic Future: ARC's Recommendations for Anesthesiology's Physician Scientist Pipeline”
Wong CA: “Improving Maternal and Fetal Outcomes Internationally”
Wong CA: “Neurologic Complications of Neuraxial Anesthesia”

Johnson C, Gray EJ, Bang JK, Aldrich AW: “Perioperative Management of Cardiac Implantable Devices”
Sondekoppam RV, Ranganath YS, Buro K, Marian AA, Ozelsel TJP: “Cost and Environmental Impact of Inhaled Anesthetics: A Single Center Experience of 172,476 Cases”

Quality Improvement Project
Partyka LM: “To Eat Or Drink? That Is The Question”

Abrons RO: “Front of Neck Emergency Invasive Airway Rescue Using Swine Trachea Model”
Campos JH: “Thoracic Anesthesia Workshop”
Keech KGC: “Advanced Pediatric Ultrasound-Guided Regional Anesthesia Workshop”
Sondekoppam RV: “Speaker: Advanced Interfascial Plane Blocks and Neuraxial Ultasound Workshop”

Thursday, July 29, 2021