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Department members to present at Anesthesiology 2020

Several members of the Department of Anesthesia will present abstracts, challenging cases, research, and quality improvement projects at Anesthesiology 2020, the virtual annual meeting of the American Society of Anesthesiologists, Oct. 2-5.

Those presenting conference abstracts are:

Dexter F, Abarca TL, Epstein RH, Pearson ACS: “Hospitals’ website lists of their interventional pain procedures inadequately reflect the diversity of their actual pain medicine practices”

Kaczka DW, Herrmann J, Gerard SE, Shao W, Xin Y, Cereda MF: “Regional aeration and expiratory time constants during pressure-controlled ventilation in porcine lung injury”

Selvamani BJ, Onodera Y, Hanada S, Subramani S: “Association of primary graft dysfunction with transfusion in lung transplantation - a retrospective analysis”

Siddiqui S, Bartels K, Nunnally ME, Ben-Jacob TK, Sreedharan R, Khanna AK, Souter MJ, Simmons ST, Williams G: “Aspects of dissatisfaction in ICU fellowship training - a qualitative sub-analysis of a pilot survey”

Presenting medically challenges cases are:

Agarwal D, Subramani S: “Refractory ventricular fibrillation secondary to severe hypothermia – V-A ECMO”

Alfi M, Arora L: “Venoarterial ECMO post liver transplant”

Gray EJ, Feider AJ: “Anaphylactic shock after sugammadex administration during mitraclip procedure”

Gray EJ, Krishnan S: “Severe ARDS after cardiac surgery: proning vs. V-V ECMO”

Hayden AM, Subramani S: “Spontaneous hemothorax evacuation”

Ramanujam V, Sondekoppam RV: “Greater occipital nerve block: an imperative role of regional anesthesia in subacute occipital headache”

Ramanujam V, Sondekoppam RV, Ranganath Y: “Para-axial lumbar plexus block: use of an ultrasound guided newer approach for lower extremity surgery”

Terao E, Ueda K, Kobayashi O: “Unique transvalvular leakage after aortic valve replacement with Edwards INSPIRIS RESILIA Bioprosthetic Valve - two case reports”

Oral presentations will be offered by:

Loftus RW: “The effect of improving basic preventive measures in the perioperative arena on Staphylococcus Aureus transmission and surgical site infections”

Patel S, Dexter F: “Case series of 28 neuraxial KCI administrations shows half the errors are not preventable by NRFit”

And these Department members will present a Quality Improvement Project:

Helwege SE, Parra MC, Slater-Scott CA, Marian AA: “Under the masks: Quality improvement and peer support in the times of COVID-19”

Tuesday, September 29, 2020