13th Annual Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Scientific Retreat

On September 8th, the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology held it's 13th Annual Scientific Retreat at the Terry Trueblood Recreational Area.  The day opened with remarks from Interim Chair and Professor, Dr. Kris DeMali, followed by presentations from keynote lecturers, graduate students, and faculty. Throughout the day attendees visited scientific posters presented by undergraduate research assistants, graduate students, postdoctoral researchers, scientific staff, and faculty.

Keynote lectures were given by Dr. Jeffrey Hardin, PhD (University of Wisonsin-Madison) on "Strengthening the ties that bind: Cadherin-based adhesion during morphogenesis" and Dr. Eric Weiss, PhD (Northwestern University) on "Adventures at the heart of Hippo signaling systems".

The Retreat ended with a social reception at Big Grove Brewery.


Cover image: This image highlights a study published by Sheila Baker's lab in the Journal of Neuroscience this year. It is the pupil of an eye with a blue iris overlain with a repeating pattern of electroretinogram traces from wild-type (white) mouse retinas and retinas in which the hyperpolarization-activated cation channel HCN1 was knocked out selectively in rods (cyan). The data reveals that in the absence of HCN1, rod signaling is prolonged and suppresses cone signaling.


Tuesday, September 13, 2022