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The Whittmann and Khorana Scholar awards

The Wittmann and Khorana Scholar awards are given to a male and female Biochemistry major, respectively, recognizing their exceptional understanding of biochemistry and its value to society.

Nick Shaw won the 2020 Professor H.G. Wittmann Scholar Award. Nick did research in the Wallrath lab.  After graduating, he will be continuing to perform research in the Wallrath lab on nuclear envelope-related myopathies.  Next fall, he will be pursing a position at UIHC that involves patient interactions, with plans of attending medical school in the near future.

Emeleeta Paintsil won the 2020 Professor H.G. Khorana Scholar Award.  Emeleeta did research in the Spies lab examining the functions of RAD52 on replication fork remodeling enzymes.  She will be attending the Medical College of Wisconsin in the fall to pursue a Ph.D. in their Interdisciplinary Doctoral Program in Biomedical Sciences.

These awards are sponsored by Dr. Alap Subramanian.  Dr. Subramanian earned his Ph.D. in Biochemistry from the University of Iowa in 1964 studying with Dr. George Kalnitsky.

Congratulations Nick and Emeleeta!

Thursday, May 14, 2020