Undergraduate Advising

First year students entering the University of Iowa are assigned an advisor from the Academic Advising Center (AAC). AAC advisors are able to provide a broad perspective on many courses and majors. Students who declare Biochemistry and Molecular Biology as a major are advised by Biochemistry and Molecular Biology faculty after they have earned 30 s.h. (usually in the spring of their first year).  The advisor in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology will advise on Biochemistry and Molecular Biology coursework and make the final decisions about what coursework will be accepted for completion of the major.

Students who have declared a pre-professional emphasis (e.g., pre-medicine, pre-pharmacy), will also have a Pre-professional Advisor in the AAC. 

Each semester, students are expected to meet with their advisors to discuss courses for the upcoming semester. If Biochemistry and Molecular Biology is your primary major, your advisor will also authorize you to register for classes. If you are a double-major, you may obtain authorization to register from another advisor, but you are encouraged to have a semi-annual meeting with your Biochemistry and Molecular Biology advisor. 

To determine who your advisor is, please log into MyUI and select "student records" and "program of study and advisor."  To set up an advising appointment, contact the Undergraduate Coordinator (email: judy-means@uiowa.edu), and make sure to include the word “advising” in the subject line of your email. Please note that students are expected to use their University of Iowa email to request appointments. 

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Undergraduate Advisors:

Name     Office Telephone Email
 Lori Wallrath
 Director of Undergraduate Studies & Honors Advisor 
3136 MERF 335-7290 lori-wallrath@uiowa.edu  
Judy Means
Undergraduate Coordinator 
4-403 BSB  335-8993 judy-means@uiowa.edu

Changes in Registration

Students can add, drop, or change existing registration in MyUI during the first week of the semester.  No approval is required during this timeframe. 

Starting the second week of the semester, students must use MyUI to process adds, section changes, changes in hours, drops and withdrawals.  The Course Deadline look-up provides course specific deadlines for different registration changes. 

Details instructions for changing registration in MyUI can be found at https://registrar.uiowa.edu/change-registration-myui

For more information about how to add a course plus step-by-step instructions, please visit the MyUI Course Add Tutorial page.

It is the student’s responsibility to obtain the required permissions and to understand any consequences that may happen by processing the drop. Information regarding permissions and consequences will be posted on MyUI but the student should contact their advisor with any questions.

Deadline Days:

The cut-off time for obtaining any permissions on deadline days is 4:30 PM. Students have until 11:59 pm to process the drop in MyUI if they have obtained all required permissions by 4:30 PM.  Students also need to contact their advisor to ensure that they approve the drop request. 

Tuition and Fee Responsibility When Dropping a Course:

If you wish to drop a course, please see the deadlines associated with making registration changes to a specific course.  To view this, please visit the Course Deadlines site

Change in Major:

Students advised at the Academic Advising Center (C210 Pomerantz Center) may declare or change majors by contacting that office. 

Students in CLAS may email clas-undergrad@uiowa.edu to declare a major, add a new major, and/or drop a major.  The email must come from your University of Iowa email account and include your University ID number and Hawk ID. 

Please refer to the CLAS Academic Policies Handbook for complete information and registration, adding/dropping courses, grades, etc.