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Undergraduate Research

All biochemistry majors are encouraged to become affiliated with a biochemistry laboratory early in their undergraduate career through Undergraduate Biochemistry Research (BIOC:3993) and Honors Research Practicum (HONR:3994). These courses lead to an independent course, Advanced Undergraduate Biochemistry Research (BIOC:4999), which pairs individual students with faculty advisors, providing the opportunity to conduct research in a specific area of interest. Undergraduate research allows biochemistry majors to integrate the knowledge they have gained and to take part in the forefront of research.

Getting Started

The best way to get started in research is to review the research interests of the faculty and then contact faculty via email to discuss the possibility of conducting research with them. You may also indicate your interest in conducting research in biochemistry by submitting the application for part-time research

Introductory Level Research

BIOC:3993 - Undergraduate Biochemistry Research

This course may be arranged as a tutorial, or as a commitment to experimental work, depending on the desires of the student and the faculty member that they agree to work with. This course may be taken in any year, and has no prerequisites. Consent of the instructor is required, however. In this course, students will gain experience in an active biochemistry research lab, learning and performing experiments or researching a topic relevant to the current projects in that lab.

URES:3994 - Undergraduate Research/Creative Projects

Independent research or pursuit of a creative project under mentorship of a faculty supervisor.

HONR:3994 - Honors Research Practicum

Honors Students are eligible to do research under the Honors Research Practicum course number before they have satisfied the prerequisites for BIOC:4999. For more information, please visit the Honors Program website.

Paid Fellowship - Programs

The Iowa Center for Research by Undergraduates (ICRU), offers financial support for University of Iowa undergraduates to conduct research with faculty members. Funding is available for the academic year and summer term.

Biochemistry Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (BSURF)

The Biochemistry Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (BSURF), allows undergraduate students outside the University of Iowa to gain hands-on experience in an active research laboratory under the direction of an established scientist. Students conduct hands-on research as well as attend weekly seminars from the Biosciences Program and informal sessions presented by Biochemistry faculty members. In addition, during the last week of the program, students participate in the Summer Undergraduate Research Conference where they present posters and discuss their research projects with the public.

Senior Level Research

BIOC:4999 - Advanced Undergraduate Biochemistry Research

In this course, students pursue independent study and research in areas of interest to them. It is extremely important for students to discuss expectations with their instructor before embarking on a project.

Prerequisites include: BIOC:3120, BIOC:3130, BIOC:3140, and BIOC:3150 with grades of B- or better and have previous experience in a research course (such as BIOC:3993) or lab practicum (such as a HONR:3994, URES:3994, or a summer internship).

Six semester hours of BIOC:4999 are required for all B.S. degree candidates and Honors students.

Please click here for information about finding a research mentor and important deadlines.