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Past Seminars 2016

1/25/20162117 MERF10:30 AMDr. Daniel Minor, University of California San FranciscoIon channels that break and buckle in response to temperature and pressureDr. Todd Washington
1/28/20162117 MERF10:30 AMDr. Amy Keating, Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyProtein-peptide interactions that control apoptosis-Our adventures in Bh3 spaceDr. Ernesto Fuentes
2/2/20162117 MERF10:30 AMDr. Brian Volkman, Medical College of WisconsinStructural basis for chemokine-receptor recognition and inhibitionDr. Todd Washington
2/4/20162117 MERF10:30 AMDr. Haian Fu, Emory UniversityInterrogating protein-protein interactions in cancerDr. Meng Wu Co-sponsored by HCCC and MNPC
2/25/20162117 MERF10:30 AMDr. Frank Fan,Promega Corporation, MadisonReal time, live cell analysis using bioluminescence technologiesDr. Meng Wu Co-sponsored by CBB and MNPC
3/24/20162117 MERF10:30 AMDr. Bernard Weissman, University of North CarolinaDe-BAFling the role of SWI/SNF complex loss in human tumor developmentDr. Kris DeMali
3/31/20162117 MERF10:30 AMDr. Janet Partridge, St. Jude Children's Research HospitalDissecting chromatin function in fission yeast-from heterochromatin to disease pathogenesisDr. Lori Wallrath
4/7/20162117 MERF10:30 AMDr. Jeff Sekelsky, University of North Carolina Chapel HillHow Bloom syndrome helicase both prevents and promotes recombinationDr. Pam Geyer
4/20/20162117 MERF10:00 AMZhen Xu, Biochemistry, Graduate Student, Defense SeminarAutoinhibition of guanine nucleotide exchage factor TIAM1Dr. Ernesto Fuentes
4/26/20165-669 BSB2:00 PMLata Symposium12th Annual Gene F. Lata Biochemistry Undergraduate Honors Symposium 
4/28/20162117 MERF10:30 AMDr. Andrew B. Herr, Cincinnati Children's HospitalBiophysics of bugs: Molecular insights into intercellular adhesion in Staphylococcal biofilmsDr. Ernesto Fuentes
5/3/20161117 MERF9:00 AMElizabeth Boehm,Biochemistry Graduate Student, Defense SeminarThe regulation of translesion synthesis through the binding and activation of polymerases by PCNADr. Todd Washington
9/1/20162117 MERF10:30 AMKent Hill, University of California LAMore than an oar: Propulsion and signaling function of the trypanosome ciliumDr. John Donelson
9/8/20162117 MERF10:30 AMFilip Van Petegem,University of British ColumbiaChannelopathies at High Resolution: Sodium- & Calcium-Selective Channels in Normal and Diseased StatesDr. Madeline Shea
9/22/20162117 MERF10:30 AMRafael Garcia-Mata, University of ToledoRegulation of RhoG signaling in focal adhesions, invadopodia and cell-cell junctionsDr. Kris DeMali
9/29/20161289 CBRB4:00 PMJasper Rine,University of California BerkeleyEpigenetics, metabolism and gene silencingDr. Brandon Davies Co-sponsored by MCB
10/20/20162117 MERF10:30 AMSheila Baker, University of IowaInterrogating bottlenecks and building problems for a pair of ion channelsDepartment of Biochemistry
10/27/20162117 MERF10:30 AMNick Fitzkee, Mississippi State UniversityDeveloping a molecular understanding of gold nanopartical-protein interactionsDr. Ernesto Fuentes
11/3/20162117 MERF10:30 AMWolf-Dietrich Heyer, University of California DavisMulti-invasion induced chromosomal rearrangements and chromothripsisDr. Maria Spies
11/10/20162117 MERF10:30 AMDr. Susan Strome, Univeristy of California Santa CruzTransmitting an epigenetic "memory of germline" across generations and through developmentBiochemistry Graduate Students
12/01/20162117 MERF10:30 AMDr. Sandra Gabelli, Johns Hopkins School of MedicineCalmodulation of voltage-gated sodium channelsDr. Madeline Shea
12/08/20162117 MERF10:30 AMDr. Michael Welte, University of RochesterAs the fat flies: lipid droplets as modulations of histone metabolismDr. Pamela Geyer and Dr. Tina Tootle (Co-sponsored by MCB & ACB)