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Presenters 2013

NameMentorTalk TitleFuture Plans
Atish DeySoll (Biology)Identification of genes involved in candida albicans biofilm synthesis under the control of BCR1Planning to attend medical school in Nevada
Johnathan FaggRubensteinMolecular effects of two Baraitser Winter causing mutationsHopes to attend medical schools
Bhavatharini KasinathanSmolikove (Biology)The relationship between proteolysis and the akirin pathway in synaptonemal complex disassembly during C. elegans meiosisPursuing an MD/PhD at the University of Washington's Medical Scientist Training Program
Irtaza KhalidPriceDeregulation of P-TEFb through microsatellite instability-induced mutations in LARP7 as a potential cause of cancerGaining work experience before applying to medical school
Ryan MarlingWeeksThe role of cardiac NK2 genes in early heart development of Xenopus laevisMedical school
Allyson MayerBrennerComputational and experimental determination of protein acetylation as a function of nutritionPhD program in Biological and Biomedical Sciences at Washington University in St. Louis
Clayton OakleyDavison (Internal Medicine)The validation of several candidate genes predicted to have gained microRNA binding sites through transposable elementsMedical School
Stephen SiemonsmaElcockCourse-grained BD simulations of type III secretion system needle in salmonellaVeterinary School
David SimoensWallrathAdrosophila model for lamin-associated heart diseaseMaster's of Public Health in epidemiology
Kyle StrouseWeeksExpression of the MiR183 cluster: is there a differential expression of these micro-RNAs in early development? 
Johanna UribeDeMaliVinculin phosphorylation regulates epithelial phenotypesMaster's of Science in pathology