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Presenters - 2023

 Name Mentor Talk Title Future Plans
Delaney Catania Ernesto Fuentes

Characterizing the Cache Sensor Domain of SrrB Histidine Kinase in S. aureus

She will take a gap year to continue working on research in the Fuentes lab before applying to graduate schools in Medical Lab Science.
Maunika Gandhamaneni Daniel Weeks

Protein Features That Direct Nucleolar Compartmentalization 

She will be working at the UIHC while applying to medical school.
Emily Herum Madeline Shea

Target-Specific Dysfunctions of Mutants of Calmodulin

She will be completing a post-bac program in a lab at the UI.
Alexandria Jimenez Rainbo Hultman

Biophysical Characterization of Mouse-Model Calcitonin Gene-Related Peptide

She will attend graduate school at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.
Abigail Morrison Miles Pufall

Functional Interactions of the Glucocorticoid Receptor in Leukemia Cell Death 

She will attend the UI Biomedical Sciences Graduate Program.
Caridad Naanep Kris DeMali

Investigation of FMNL2 and its Role in Junctional Actin Assembly in Response to Force 

She will apply for veterinary school while doing research with Dr. Alex Claussen in Otolaryngology at the UI.
Nikhil Patel Adrian Elcock

Towards Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Escherichia Coli Inner Membrane

He plans to apply to medical school, volunteer at the hospital, and shadow doctors.