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The Department of Biochemistry regularly gets announcements from organizations outside the University describing opportunities for undergraduates. These include opportunities for research experience (including summer research programs), education, or professional development. This message board lists these announcements as we receive them. For more information, please contact the website or individual listed.

Diversity International Scholarship Academy (DISA) meeting

Please join current UI Fulbright awardee and founder of the Diversity International Scholarship Academy Noaquia Callahan (Germany, 2016-17) and UI Fulbright Alumni Ambassador Douglas Baker (Japan, 2015-16) for a discussion on why underrepresented minority students should pursue opportunities to teach English, study, research, or do creative work abroad! Undergraduate juniors, seniors, recent alumni, and graduate students are eligible to start their applications this year, but feel free to attend if you are thinking about applying in the future.

Date:  Monday, March 6, 2017, 12:00-1:00 PM
Location: International Programs, 1117 University Capitol Centre, International Commons

The workshop will include:

• A hands-on breakout session with peer mentors on essay writing for grants

• Information session on the professional and academic benefits for scholarship winners of U.S. Department of State-sponsored study abroad programs as well as the application process

For more information, please contact Noaquia Callahan ( or Douglas Baker ( and visit

Would You Like to Learn About Careers in Genetics?

The Iowa Institute of Human Genetics is hosting Personalized Genomic Medicine: Careers in Bioinformatics & Big Data Information Session on Monday, March 6, 2017 to expose students to career opportunities that are being created by personalized genomic medicine in bioinformatics and the management of big data. This opportunity is a great way for students to discuss first hand different career options and job growth in bioinformatics that is occurring with the advent of personalized genomic medicine and ask questions in a small group setting.

For more information about the March 6th Careers in Bioinformatics and Big Data Information Session and to register, please visit our website at: The event will be held at the Old Capitol Centre from 5:30-7:30pm.

Adimab, LLC, Seeking Predoctoral Research Associates

Adimab, LLC, is planning to hire 5-6 predoctoral research associates this year and are looking for candidates who could start this summer/early fall.  To learn more about this position, or to apply, please email your CV or questions to  Please write "Predoctoral Applicant" in the subject line. 

iGEM Competition Opportunity

iGEM is a global competition in which teams compete to build a synthetic machine based on standard parts, or BioBricks. During last year’s competition, over 300 teams competed and presented their work at the final iGEM conference (which takes place every November. This year’s conference will be in Boston, MA). Some teams built synthetic microbes capable of measuring NOX and CO levels in the air (University of Peshawar, Pakistan), while others developed microbes that ‘weave’ cellulose to create a highly efficient water filtration device (Imperial College, UK) and yet others lowered the manufacturing cost for enzymes which remove wine stains from cloth (Bettencourt, France). Many of these teams go on to patent and publish their efforts at the end of the competition – iGEM has an ongoing collaboration with the open-access journal PLoS ONE. iGEM team projects are published in PLoS ONE Collections, and teams also have the option of submitting their work for full peer-review if they wish.

As the University of Iowa has never had a student team enter the iGEM competition, this is a great opportunity for students to come together across disciplines and create a team project. To date, students and Prof. Jan Fassler (Dept. of Biology) and Prof. Edward Sander (Dept. of Biomedical Engineering) have been working to piece together Iowa’s iGEM team. Students of all backgrounds and experiences are welcome, though it is desired that they have some lab experience and a basic interest in synthetic biology, bioengineering and genetic manipulation.

iGEM work takes place over the summer (from May to August). Students interested in learning more about iGEM can contact Nicholas McCarty ( or Prof. Jan Fassler (

Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT) Research and Development Internship Opportunity

Overview:  The Research and Development Intern, under direct supervision, will assist in conducting bench scientific experimentation that advances the basic science of nucleic acids and nucleic acid biochemistry and assist with development and characterization of new IDT products (not limited to nucleic acid based).  Schedule is 20-25 hours/week (flexible) between Monday - Friday 8am - 5pm.


* Executes bench experiments using variety of molecular biology, cell biology, biochemical and general laboratory techniques or create/modify or engage in analytical data pipeline generation and operation of software.

* Conducts experimentation in the synthesis, purification, and characterization of oligonucleotides or proteins.

* Analyzes, summarizes and communicates experimental results/scientific data.

* Operates and maintains laboratory equipment.

* Maintains accurate and detailed records of experimental work.

* Participates in the maintenance of laboratory cleanliness and equipment; including but not limited to washing and storage of glass/plastic ware and autoclaving non-hazardous biological waste.

* Acts as an aid to other Research Scientist in the execution of scientific experiments.

* Prepares laboratory reagents for use.

* Grows bacterial cultures.

* Demonstrates behavior consistent with the Integrated DNA Technologies Core Values.

* Perform other duties as assigned.



* Associate’s degree in Biology, Genetics, Chemistry or a related life sciences field required.

* Bachelor’s degree in Biology, Genetics, Chemistry or a related life sciences field preferred.

Professional Experience:

* Previous relevant lab experience in molecular biology, biology, biochemistry, chemistry or other scientific discipline preferred.

* Proficiency in a variety of PC software programs with strong working knowledge of Microsoft Office required

* Familiarity with DNA sequence analysis/bioinformatics applications preferred.

Other Job Qualifications:

* Strong organizational skills and attention to detail.

* Ability to multitask and maintain several projects at one time.

* Good verbal and written communication skills.

* Ability to communicate with peers and all levels of management.

* Ability to maintain both a high standard of courtesy and cooperation in dealing with co-workers.

* Adaptability to situations requiring the precise attainment of set limits, tolerances or standards.

* Adaptability to perform repetitive work or to perform continuously the same work, according to set procedures sequence or pace.

Complete listing can be found at:

STEM Funding and Professional Development Resources

Students can sign up for periodic (4-6 emails/year) notifications about deadlines for programs that match their disciplinary interests and level of study:

Search Portable Graduate Fellowships (deadlines opening soon for academic year 2017-2018 funding) at:  Portable Graduate Fellowships

View their webinar archives and resources library pages for tips on finding and applying to programs:  

1-Year MS Program in Biomedical Sciences at Iowa State University

In just one year of graduate course work, laboratory training, and collaboration with faculty on a project of choice, students can earn a non-thesis Master's in Biomedical Sciences.

The Department of Biomedical Sciences is housed within the College of Veterinary Medicine and graduate students have access to state-of-the-art laboratories and learning spaces.  In addition, they have the opportunity to work with world-renowned faculty whose research interests range from molecular neurotoxicology, to pediatric immunology, to targets for antiparasitic drugs.

The one-year non-thesis MS program is designed to open up opportunities for students planning to:

  • enter professional schools (Medical, Dental, Veterinary, PA, etc.);
  • pursue a PhD;
  • teach in higher education and;
  • land a career in industry.

Visit our website at to find out more about all the graduate programs in Biomedical Sciences or send an email to

KSEA (Korean-American Scientists and Engineers)

KSEA was established in 1971 as a non-profit professional organization with over 6,000 registered members with 70 local chapters and 13 technical groups across the United States.  KSEA Iowa City Chapter shares three mission statements to provide opportunities for International Corporation, Career Development, and Community Service.  The organization objectives are to promote the application of science and technology for general welfare of society and foster international cooperation, especially between the U.S. and Korea and help Korean-American Scientists and Engineers develop their full career potential.

Locally, they are planning to invite speakers from the industry in science and engineering fields to conduct seminars to provide students with networking opportunities.  Also, they will invite students to annual KSEA conferences, such as US-Korea Conference (UKC) and Young Generation Technical and Leadership Conference to present their leading-edge research and share their ideas with other Korean-American Scientists and Engineers in the United States.

For more information about the organization, please visit: 

Interested in Working Abroad? Check out Going Global

Going Global is an online international employment resource offered by Pomerantz Career Center for student use. If you are looking for a job or internship abroad, utilize the country and city guides and jobs/internships search feature. If you are an international student seeking information on employment in the U.S., use the H-1B database to research companies that have filed for employment visa sponsorship in the past year and check out the U.S. country guide. Note: You must create a personal account while on campus (click on the link in the upper right corner of the Going Global homepage), then you can log in to use it anytime, anywhere. or through your account.  

Internships in Scientific Research or Medicine

Faculty at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center have developed an extensive compilation of internships in scientific research and medicine offered nationwide for high school, undergraduate, post-doc and graduate students, which can be accessed at the link above.

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