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The Department of Biochemistry regularly gets announcements from organizations outside the University describing opportunities for undergraduates. These include opportunities for research experience (including summer research programs), education, or professional development. This message board lists these announcements as we receive them. For more information, please contact the website or individual listed.

Hawkeye Internship Grant

The Hawkeye Internship Grant awards stipends for students who are interning at a non-profit or government agency. Funds can cover travel, food, housing, etc. associated with participating in the internship. 

To determine eligibility of your internship, contact Jennifer Noyce, at the Pomerantz Career Center. 

Learn more about the internship here.

Master of Science in Law Degree at Northwestern University

The Master of Science in Law (MSL) Program at the Northwestern Pritzker School of Law would like to announce a unique master’s program designed specifically for STEM professionals.

The Master of Science in Law is an interdisciplinary degree that provides specialized training in areas of special interest to STEM professionals: business law and entrepreneurship, intellectual property and patent design, and regulatory analysis and strategy. The program also focuses on skills development – oral and written communication, quantitative skills, negotiations, etc. Our current health crisis has confirmed the importance of this cross-disciplinary study; we have been reminded of how valuable it is for decision-makers with technical expertise to also understand the legal, regulatory, and business implications of their work, and to be able to communicate effectively about these matters. You can learn more about the types of students who benefit from MSL study by exploring profiles of our current students and alumni.

Questions about the program should be directed to Ashlee Hardgrave, Admissions Manager.

Now Accepting Applications - NIEHS Scholars Connect Program

The NIEHS Scholars Connect Program (NSCP) is designed to provide a unique opportunity for highly motivated science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) focused undergraduate students to solidly connect with NIEHS and receive training in biomedical research. Students in NSCP have an opportunity for hands-on mentored research experiences, as well as professional and personal development. NSCP is committed to encouraging students to pursue careers in scientific investigation, both basic and clinical. Scientists at NIEHS are committed to sharing with students and educators the intensity, excitement, sense of discipline, and tremendous satisfaction that careers in science can impart to those who pursue them.

Why should I apply?
As a Scholar, you will be a part of research teams striving to accomplish NIEHS research mission in areas related to human health and the environment. NSCP is dedicated to providing training in biomedical research so that you can apply your knowledge outside the classroom and gain career-changing experiences. You will have the opportunity to network and explore federal career opportunities. Career mentoring from NIEHS investigators will be available during your appointment.

~ $2,300/month (Full-Time Summer Connection); ~ $850/month (Part-Time Fall and Spring Connections)

Program Dates
Summer Connection: June 1, 2021--August 6, 2021 Full-time
Fall Connection: September 7, 2021--November 19, 2021 Part-time
Spring Connection: January 3, 2022--April 15, 2022 Part-time
Dates are subject to change

Learn more and apply today at: https://www.zintellect.com/Opportunity/Details/NIH-NIEHS-ScholarsConnect-2021

UTMB Pharmacology & Toxicology Graduate Program Fall 2021 Admissions

The UTMB Pharmacology & Toxicology Graduate Program is currently recruiting students for Fall 2021 Admission. Their strengths include training in therapeutic development against neuropsychiatric disorders, cancer, neurodegeneration, drug of abuse and infection diseases. UTMB would be available to follow up with potential applicants on an individual basis with pre-application phone or Skype interviews.    

Students interested in learning more about pursuing a PhD or a Master in Pharmacology & Toxicology at UTMB should feel free to vist:  https://www.utmb.edu/phtox/PHTOX-Graduate-Program/phtox-graduate-program

Grad School Recruitment Opportunities for Undergraduates

A group of biomedical science and engineering focused graduate programs have created a consolidated website and calendar of events to help students on their virtual graduate program search for fall 2020. The BioGAP Recruitment Calendar Website contains more details about three types of events:

  • Admission workshop panels jointly held by representatives from more than twenty institutions. Six presentations will cover topics including the application process, funding, interviews, REUs, and more.  Register at https://forms.gle/bqK1FfQ6pNsyj7G46.
  • Large professional recruitment fairs that are either open to the public or available to event registrants.  Register at https://careereco.com/join/biomed
  • Virtual Information Sessions held by individual institutions.  See the BioGAP calendar for further details.

This new resource is provided at no cost.

Virtual Career Services Offerings and Resources Available

Even though the Pomerantz Career Center's doors are closed, they are still available to assist students with their career needs!  For the latest information about advising, resume assistance, job and internship searches, mock interviews, and more, please visit their FAQ page at: https://careers.uiowa.edu/virtual-faqs

Undergraduate Scholarships & Graduate Fellowships in STEM - PathwaysToScience.org

Deadlines for undergraduate scholarships and graduate fellowships are rapidly approaching! Students can use IBP's searchable online directory to find STEM funding opportunities.

Undergraduate Scholarships -- 30+ opportunities from a variety of private and federal funders for students pursuing STEM

Graduate Funding for Masters Students -- 40+ funding opportunities for Masters-level students in STEM

Graduate Funding for PhD Students -- 40+ funding opportunities including funding from NSF, NASA, and NIH.

Finally, IBP also offers resources on how to build a strong application.

STEM Funding and Professional Development Resources

Students can sign up for periodic (4-6 emails/year) notifications about deadlines for programs that match their disciplinary interests and level of study:  https://www.pathwaystoscience.org/form.aspx

Search Portable Graduate Fellowships at:  Portable Graduate Fellowships

View their webinar archives and resources library pages for tips on finding and applying to programs:  https://www.pathwaystoscience.org/Library.aspx  


Postings on this website are not necessarily endorsed by the Biochemistry Department or the University of Iowa. They are intended for the use of Biochemistry Majors at the University of Iowa.