U2G Fast Track PhD

The U2G Biochemistry Fast Track PhD Program allows high achieving students to take PhD course work while completing their B.S. in Biochemistry. It accelerates the progress of extremely-able students toward completion of a PhD. The Fast Track program identifies a research intensive pathway during undergraduate studies to help students build the experience, resume, and mentoring network essential for success in doctoral studies and beyond. Graduates with doctoral degrees in Biochemistry from the University of Iowa include leaders in health sciences research, biotechnology, education, and public outreach. A complete description of the Biochemistry Fast Track PhD program can be found in the Biochemistry Undergraduate Handbook.

Benefits of U2G

  • Accelerate your PhD
  • Apply course credit to both degrees
  • Save an average of $10,000 intuition and fees
  • Become eligible for grad assistantships
  • Obtain expert level knowledge in your field
  • Gain skills in the critical areas needed by employers
  • Increase average lifetime earnings by more that $457,000 (Economic Policy Institute, 2015)
  • Increase opportunities for career advancement

Contact Info

For more information about the U2G Biochemistry Fast Track PhD Program contact biochem@uiowa.edu or 1-877-846-8569.

"I was interested in the Fast Track PhD program in Biochemistry because it is a unique opportunity to dive deeper into research at a young age. The program gives me the opportunity to join a lab within my first year, giving me a great start on my thesis project. I'm very excited to see how the program will challenge me and allow me to progress as a scientist."

Hannah Miller
Current Fast Track Student