Every semester we are proud to host outstanding seminar speakers. Please check the schedule below for date and location of the seminar. All seminars are held at 10:30 AM unless otherwise noted. All are encouraged to attend.

Date Location Time Visitor Title Host 
11/6/2019 2189 MERF 12:00 PM Julio Sanchez, Graduate Student, Thesis Defense, Biochemistry  Characterization of the DNA binding activity of the BRG1-AT-hook-bromodomain Mentor: Dr. Catherine Musselman
11/7/2019 2117 MERF 10:30 AM Megan King, Associate Professor, Yale University  Mechanotransduction through the LINC complex: From integrins to the nuclear lamina Dr. Lori Wallrath 
11/14/2019 2117 MERF 10:30 AM Sandra K. Weller, Professor and Chair, University of Connecticut New insights into the mechanism of Herpes Simplex Virus DNA replication: Role of viral nuclease and a DNA binding protein that promotes annealing  Dr. Maria Spies
11/21/2019 2117 MERF 10:30 AM Jill Dowen, Assistant Professor, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill DNA loop structures important for gene expression and cellular identity  Dr. Pam Geyer
12/5/2019 2117 MERF 10:30 AM OPEN    

Past Seminars