Past Workshops 2009

DateSpeaker, Department/InstitutionWorkshop Title
2/3/09Theresa Gioannini, Inflammation Program, Univ. IowaThe Structural Basis of TLR4 Activation by Endotoxins: Work in Progress
2/10/09Ugur Akgun (Khademi lab), Dept. Biochemistry, Univ. IowaDetermination of the Ligand Selectivity Mechanism in Amt/Rh/MEP Superfamily Using MD Simulations
2/17/09Todd Washington, Dept. Biochemistry, Univ. IowaStudies of proliferating cell nuclear antigen (PCNA) and its role in the replication of damaged DNA
2/24/09Ron Weigel, Depts. Surgery & Biochemistry, Univ. IowaRegulation of Hormone Response in Breast Cancer
3/3/09John Dagle, Dept. Pediatrics, Univ. IowaGenetic Analysis in the NICU
3/24/09Douglas Houston, Dept. Biology , Univ. IowaDorsal axis formation in Xenopus: Control of microtubule organization and cortical rotation by a localized Trim protein
3/31/09Peter Nagy, Dept. Pathology, Univ. IowaNeurodegeneration: From yeast genetics to human genome analysis
4/21/09Madeline Shea, Dept. Biochemistry, Univ. IowaMolecular Recognition by Calmodulin: Balancing Bending and Binding
4/28/09Karthik K. Shanmuganatham (Plapp lab), Dept. Biochemistry, Univ. IowaAlcohol Dehydrogenase Dynamics and Catalysis: Does hydrophobic packing affect catalysis?
5/5/09Mike Vitalini (Wallrath lab), Dept. Biochemistry, Univ. IowaContext-dependent Gene Regulation by Heterochromatin Protein 1
9/1/09David Price, Dept. Biochemistry, Univ. IowaControlling RNA polymerase II elongation with P-TEFb and Gdown1
9/15/09Ernesto Fuentes, Dept. Biochemistry, Univ. IowaThe specificity and function of Tiam-family PDZ Domains
9/22/09Shahram Khademi, Dept. Biochemistry, Univ. IowaThe structure and function of membrane proteins involved in acid acclimation by H. pylori
9/29/09Tina Tootle, Dept. Anatomy & Cell Biology, University of IowaProstaglandins: The clock during late Drosophila follicle development
10/6/09Kris DeMali, Dept. Biochemistry, Univ. IowaMolecular Mechanisms of Integrin-Mediated Adhesion
10/20/09John Donelson, Dept. Biochemistry, Univ. IowaMechanisms of Red Blood Cell Invasion by Malaria Parasites
10/27/09Peter Rubenstein, Dept. Biochemistry, Univ. IowaThe Role of Actin in Hearing and Deafness
11/3/09Amber Hohl, Geyer lab, Grad. Program in Genetics, Univ. IowaUnderstanding the role of Topoisomerase II in chromosome interactions
11/10/09Larry Gray
5th Sem. Seminar, Khademi lab, Dept. Biochemistry Univ. Iowa
Function and Structure of UreI--A Key Protein in Acid Acclimation of H. pylori
11/17/09John Pryor
5th Sem. Seminar, Washington lab, Dept. Biochemistry, Univ. Iowa
Molecular Insights into DNA Postreplication Repair
12/1/09Charles Brenner, Dept. Biochemistry, Univ. IowaRING E3 Ubiquitin Ligases in Cell Cycle Control
12/8/09Nancy Stellwagen, Dept. Biochemistry, Univ. IowaHairpin formation in small single-stranded DNA oligomers