Past Workshops 2013

DateSpeaker, Department/InstitutionWorkshop Title
3/5/2013Madeline Shea, Professor, BiochemistryCalcium-Triggered Reversal of Calmodulin Binding to the IQ Motif of the Neuronal Voltage-Dependent Sodium Channel NaV1.2
3/12/2013Lacy Barton, Grad. Student, Biochemistry (Geyer) 

Xu Liu, Grad. Student, Biochemistry (Fuentes)
Requirements for a nuclear lamina protein in adult stem cell maintenance

Structural and Dynamic Origins of Ligand Specificity in Tiam1 PZ Domain Mutant
3/26/2013Michael Lutter, Assistant Professor, PsychiatryThe cellular and molecular basis of eating disorders
4/2/2013Szu-Chieh Mei, Postdoc, Biochemistry (Brenner) 

Colin Wu, Postdoc, Biochemistry (M. Spies)
Replicative Lifespan Extension in Yeast is Non-Cell Autonomous

Mutational Analysis of the FANCJ Helicase and the BRCA1 Tumor Suppressor Protein
4/9/2013Kevin Campbell, Professor and Head, Molecular Physiology and BiophysicsMechanistic Insights into Muscular Dystrophy Pathogenesis from Bench to Bedside and Back to the Bench Studies
4/16/2013Karry Jannie, Postdoc, Biochemistry (DeMali Lab)

Sue Travis, Assoc. Res. Sci., Biochemistry (Weeks)
Examination of a mutant vinculin that has impaired actin binding

Role of Cav1.4, a voltage-gated calcium channel, in night blindness  
5/7/2013Lori Wallrath, Professor, BiochemistryThe role of lamins in muscle gene expression and redox homeostasis
9/10/2013Todd Washington, Associate Professor, Biochemistry and Radiation Oncology Replication of Damaged DNA-A Biochemical and Structural Perspective
9/17/2013Samuel Trammell, Graduate Student, Biochemistry (Brenner)Quantitative NAD metabolomics and what it can tell us about biology
9/17/2013David Beyer, Graduate Student, Biochemistry (M. Spies)Toward a Molecular Mechanism for RTEL 1, an Essential Human DNA Helicase
9/24/2013Shyamal Subramanyam, Graduate Student, Biochemistry (M. Spies)Keeping RAD51 in check
9/24/2013Liyang Zhang, Graduate Student, Biochemistry (Pufall)The role of DNA binding sequence specificity in directing genome occupancy
10/08/2013Jon Houtman, Associate Professor, Microbiology and Internal MedicineRegulation of Signaling Complexes at the Adaptor Protein LAT
10/15/2013Casey Andrews, Graduate Student, Biochemistry (Elcock)Developing Coarse Grain Force Field Models for Proteins
10/15/2013Nitija Tiwari, Research Assistant, Biochemistry (Fuentes)Biophysical Studies of the S. aureus SrrA-SrrB Two-component Signal Transduction System Involved in Toxic Shock Syndrome
10/29/2013Shannon Sheehan, PhD, MBA, University of Iowa FoundationIntellectual Property Issues on Campus
11/05/2013Dana Levasseur, Assistant Professor, Internal Medicine Nanog, hidden regulatory elements and control of the pluripotent stem cell state
11/12/2013Vasily Kerov, Post-Doctoral Researcher, Biochemistry (Baker)Structural role of Cav1.4 in photoreceptor synapse: Not so conductance-dependent
11/12/2013Zhen Xu, Graduate Student, Biochemistry (Fuentes)Structural basis for the mechanism of Tiam1 GEF regulation
11/19/2013   Jiannan Guo, Post-Doctoral Researcher, Biochemistry (Price)Functional domatins and phosphorylation of Gdown1 regulates Pol II termination
11/19/2013Yuan Pan, Graduate Student, Biochemistry (Baker)TRIP8b independent trafficking of HCN1 channels
12/03/2013Kris DeMali, Phd, Associate Professor of Biochemistry and DermatologySignaling by Adhesion Receptors