Ahmed voted Executive MBA teacher of the year

Date: Monday, November 27, 2017

Azeemuddin AhmedThe University of Iowa Tippie Executive MBA students, Des Moines cohort, voted Azeemuddin Ahmed, MD, MBA, their 2nd Year Teacher of the Year for his Dynamics of Negotiations class.

His course teaches students how to negotiate business agreements, compete for resources, and resolve disputes—skills for a broad range of business leaders and managers.

Ahmed himself graduated from the same Executive MBA program. He says it is an honor to teach for the program: “I enjoy teaching in the program because I get to teach a subject that I thoroughly enjoy and it is a privilege to interact with Executive MBA Program students who come from diverse industries but universally are bright, hard-working, and energetic.”

Each year the Executive MBA students are asked to vote on the instructor believed to best exhibit the qualities signified by the initials G.R.E.A.T.:

  • Genuine interest in students’ success in both work environment and classroom
  • Relevancy of all material presented in the classroom to the students’ business
  • Enthusiasm and excitement in the delivery of materials
  • Application orientation in all concepts and models
  • True testimony to the value of the delivered program

He will teach again in Spring 2018 and is going to China with the Class of 2019 Tippie Executive MBA students from Iowa City, as part of the program’s international business seminar trip.