Alissa Kauffman, MD: Why Iowa

Date: Monday, December 31, 2018

Alissa Kauffman, MDGet to know Internal Medicine resident Alissa Kauffman, MD, and why she decided to continue her medical education at the University of Iowa. 

Why did you choose Iowa?

I liked the program's environment, which is dedicated to education whilst remaining un-stuffy, as well as the structure of X+Y and the breadth of opportunities available. I wanted a program that focused on producing competent general internists, while also providing strong support for specialization since I know it will take me until the last possible minute to pick a specific career path.

Also, the high proportion of time we are allowed to wear scrubs, relatively low cost of living, and having free lunch a lot of days were nice pluses.

Why did you pursue Internal Medicine?

It is a haven for the chronically indecisive, with more possible career variety than in any other specialty. I also like the focus on each person as a whole rather than zoning in on a particular part, and the mental entertainment of geeking out about many many different things on a daily basis.

What have you enjoyed about the Iowa City area? What has suprised you?

I knew nothing about this place when I moved here for medical school, but then really didn't want to leave after four years. It has its own personality and balances small town charm and convenience with (many of) the offerings of a larger city. And now there is a Trader Joe's!