Graduate Medical Education Awards honor collaboration, dedication, excellence

Date: Wednesday, June 5, 2024

We are proud to announce the winners of this year’s Graduate Medical Education Awards, which were presented at the 17th annual GME Leadership Symposium on May 31. Our sincerest thanks and congratulations to these thirteen individuals for the contributions they make to graduate medical education with University of Iowa Health Care.

A line of trophies on a table

Excellence in Interprofessional Education Award 

This award honors the range of non-physician health care colleagues whose significant educational contributions help create the next generation of physicians. 


Kelly Baker
Kelly Baker 
Clinical Services Specialist, Ophthalmology 
“The loving kindness that he gives to others is aspirational. He builds a culture of humanism and responsibility to each other and to our patients.”
Kevin Schleich

Kevin Schleich, PharmD, BCACP 
Family Medicine 
Kevin has consistently demonstrated exceptional commitment to advancing clinical education, mentoring, and fostering collaboration among health care professionals.”

Excellence in Clinical Coaching  

Program directors nominate valued faculty for this award for outstanding performance in coaching residents and fellows in the clinical setting. 


Catherina Pinnaro

Catherina Pinnaro, MD 
Cat can walk the line between ensuring patient safety and evidence-based care while providing autonomy and room to grow to her fellows and residents.”


Andrew Bryant

Andrew Bryant, MD 
Internal Medicine 
“His passion for teaching is palpable in every interaction, as he imparts not only medical knowledge but also instills a sense of compassion, empathy, and professionalism in our trainees.” 


Tyler Slayman

Tyler Slayman, MD 
Family Medicine 
“He helps trainees succeed both in their professional careers and personal lives as they learn to navigate the balance of their professional identity formation and the development of patient-centered therapeutic relationships.” 


Margaret Smollen

Margaret Smollen, MD 
Obstetrics and Gynecology 
“It is not the imparting of knowledge or mentorship that sets Dr. Smollen apart. It is the way that she has helped our residents fall back in love with what they do.” 


Gina Lockwood

Gina Lockwood, MD 
“Dr. Lockwood goes out of her way to allow learning from the struggle of doing something new and provide feedback that builds our residents up rather than tears us down.” 


Edward Linton

Edward Linton, MD 
Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences 
“I am continually impressed by how he holds the residents to quite high expectations, giving them the resources to succeed and watching how their confidence and ability grows.” 


Program Coordinator Excellence  

This award recognizes program coordinators for their role in the management and success of a residency and/or fellowship program and dedication to residents, fellows, and program directors. 


Courtney Bork

Courtney Bork 
Nuclear Medicine and Radiology Residency and Fellowship 
“She has established a reputation where I do not have to worry about anything program related and can simply reach out to her and express my questions and concerns.” 

Jessica Dorsman

Jessica Dorsman 
Orthopedic Surgery Residency 
“Aside from making our residency run efficiently, she goes out of her way to promote resident wellness and is a source of positivity in our department whenever you see her."

Kathy Escher

Kathy Escher 
Neurosurgery Residency and Fellowship 
“Kathy creates a harmonious and collaborative environment within the Neurosurgery residency program. Her ability to effectively communicate with busy residents is commendable, ensuring that information flows smoothly and residents feel supported.” 

Abbey Gilpin

Abbey Gilpin 
Internal Medicine 
"She consistently displays a go-getter attitude and never leaves tasks for others or for the next day. When unexpected problems arise, she tackles them head on." 

Kelly Norton

Kelly Norton 
Urology Residency 
“Her kind attitude and approachability make her an excellent resource for residents, facilitating an open dialogue that enhances the overall atmosphere of the program.”