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Jane Lindsay Miller awarded Nurturing Experiences for Tomorrow's Community Leaders grant

Date: Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Jane Miller, PhDJane Miller, MA, PhD, awarded grant to address health disparities and improve interprofessional education for medical students and health care interpreters

The Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) has awarded a NEXT grant (Nurturing Experiences for Tomorrow’s Community Leaders) to Jane Lindsay Miller, MA, PhD, to implement an award-winning simulation curriculum to improve collaborative practice skills for healthcare interpreters, medical students, and resident physicians.

The curriculum Miller authored, called Working with Interpreters as a Team in Healthcare (WITH Care), improves provider and trainee collaborative team skills, allowing them to engage interpreters more fully and improve the quality of care with Limited English Proficient (LEP) patients. Over the next several months, participants will use a combination of video modules, interactive lectures, and live simulations to enhance their teamwork and patient care skills. Participants will be engaged with providers and learners in the Department of Family Medicine. 

Nationally, Limited English Proficient (LEP) patients experience a significantly higher proportion of communication-related adverse events, and experience more serious harm from those errors than English-speaking patients. This training will not only contribute to the quality of medical education at the Carver College of Medicine, it will serve as an example of how high-quality interprofessional education can have a direct impact on patient care.

For additional information contact: 

Jane Lindsay Miller, Director, Office of Consultation and Research in Medical Education and Clinical Associate Professor
Department of Family Medicine