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Jinha Park, MD, PhD, develops new Radiology Core Lab

Date: Tuesday, July 16, 2019

The Department of Radiology is proud to announce that they have developed a Clinical Trials Radiology Core Lab. They strive to promote the mission and vision of the department while embracing the following shared values: engage faculty, deliver imaging laboratory services using innovative approaches, and provide departmental leadership.

The Radiology Core Lab will provide a comprehensive set of quantitative imaging services for oncologic clinical trials, radiologic expertise for other image-based protocols including image-guided tissue biopsies and directed therapies. They will work closely with staff from Holden Comprehensive Cancer Center in the design of standard RECIST or other FDA-approved presentations of precise tumor measurements using annotated images, complete with an auditable, secure patient report. All radiological data for their clinical trials will be protected within their database management system. Benefits of the Radiology Core Lab include improved turnaround time and accessibility for study sponsors, decreased discordant interpretation rates, and collaborative interdepartmental research opportunities.

“The Department of Radiology will work in close partnership with principal Investigators of clinical trials at UI Hospitals & Clinics to provide accurate, reproducible, and timely quantifiable imaging biomarker assessments for CT, MRI, PET/CT, and US studies,” says Jinha Park, MD, PhD. “We hope to provide these services from board-certified diagnostic radiologists who do this every day and will improve the overall clinical trials experience for our physicians, nurses, clinical trials staff, and patients.”

For more information, visit radiologycore.lab.uiowa.edu. Questions? Email tara-sorg@uiowa.edu.