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The journey begins: White Coat Ceremony welcomes first-year students

White Coat Ceremony 2017
Date: Monday, August 12, 2019

The Carver College of Medicine will hold its 25th annual White Coat Ceremony at 3 p.m. Aug. 16 at Hancher Auditorium for first-year students beginning their medical education at Iowa. 

The event welcomes the Carver College of Medicine class of 2023, and represents the first time these future physicians will recite the Oath of Hippocrates, calling attention to the importance of the doctor-patient relationship. 

Here is the Class of 2023 at a glance

The 152 new students contain a class within a class. Seven students are pursuing a joint MD/PhD program, involving additional years of study beyond the four-year MD degree requirements. Of the 145 students making up the general MD class, 70 percent are Iowa residents.

The youngest class member is 20, the oldest is 39. The average age of class members is 23. A total of 30% are ethnic minorities or from an under-represented group in medicine. Females make up 50 percent of the class.

The students enrolled this fall represent 4 percent of those who applied for the class. A total of 3,878 applications were received for the 152 openings.

As a class, their Medical College Admission Test scores averaged 514, their undergraduate grade-point averages were 3.81. As undergrads, collectively they covered a total of 30 different majors and hailed from 62 undergraduate colleges.

Iowa regents institutions prepared 40 percent of the incoming students as undergraduates: The University of Iowa with 47, Iowa State University with 13, and University of Northern Iowa with two. Other Iowa colleges prepared nearly another 9 percent, contributing 14 total.

Prior to the start of classes, each first-year student at the Carver College of Medicine is assigned to one of four learning communities for their entire four years of medical school. Each learning community is comprised of approximately equal numbers of first-, second-, third-, and fourth-year students. The communities are designed to foster more peer-to-peer interactions, provide opportunities for leadership and service, and strengthen students’ relationships with faculty, collegiate staff, and others across campus.

Faculty representatives for each of the college’s learning communities—Bean Community, Boulware Community, Flocks Community, and McCowen Community—will introduce the students.

Each student will be ceremonially cloaked with their white coat by leaders of the college.

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