Match Day 2024

Date: Friday, March 15, 2024


Another Match Day is in the record books for the UI Carver College of Medicine, with all the excitement, laughter, and happy tears that come with learning where our students will take the next significant step in their careers. This year, 141 medical students will graduate from our college, of which 30% will go on to residency training in Iowa. They matched into 23 different specialties across 30 states.

Medical student Vijayvardhan Kamalumpundi hugs his mom after finding out he matched at the Mayo Clinic
A group of medical students pose on campus with their

44% Entering Primary Care Training

  • 16 matched in Family Medicine
  • 27 matched in Internal Medicine
  • 14 matched in Pediatrics
  • 4 matched in Obstetrics and Gynecology

Top 5 States by Number of Graduates

  1. Iowa: 42
  2. Minnesota: 16
  3. Wisconsin: 10
  4. California: 9
  5. Illinois: 9

Top 5 Specialties

  1. Internal Medicine
  2. Family Medicine
  3. Pediatrics
  4. Emergency Medicine
  5. General Surgery

Meet Our Students

Members of the Class of 2024 share their journeys in medicine and their plans for the future.

Jake and Joel Katzer have been side by side through school, college, athletics, and medical school. They even got (nearly) the same MCAT score. Match Day marks the moment when their paths will split, but their ultimate dream is still the same: serving patients in a rural community like the one they grew up in.

Growing up, Maya Altemeier witnessed her mom and grandma addressing the needs of disadvantaged community members through education. Now she’s driven to use her future career in pediatrics to make a similar impact on community health.

Medicine gave Vijayvardhan Kamalumpundi a way to integrate the American and Indian parts of his identity. “No matter where I was, I could still interact with patients in a way that I was just human, and I was present with the patient,” he says. “I finally found a sense of belonging in medicine."

Melissa Sheber began her educational journey studying medical illustration. Now she plans to channel her creative energy into developing simulations for medical learning someday. “I would also love to find myself in a public hospital someday, serving people who have no other place to turn,” she says.

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