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Our newest UI Physicians Clinical Awards winners

UIP 2020 winners
Left to right: Michael O’Donnell, MD; Katherine L. Imborek, MD; Bradley Ford, MD, PhD; Carryn Anderson, MD; Gregory A. Schmidt, MD; Bradley Manning, MD; Jorge Salinas, MD; and Frederick Johlin Jr., MD.
Date: Tuesday, October 27, 2020

The winners of the 2020 University of Iowa Physicians (UIP) Clinical Awards were presented at a special ceremony held online and at the UI Urmila Sahai Auditorium. 

The virtual event was part of the annual UIP Members Meeting & Report, Iowa Medical Mutual Insurance Company (IMMIC) Annual Members Meeting, and the Annual Meeting of the UI Hospitals & Clinics Medical Staff.

Our newest University of Iowa Physicians Clinical Award winners are:

  • Michael O’Donnell, MD, Urology
  • Katherine L. Imborek, MD, Family Medicine
  • Bradley Ford, MD, PhD, Pathology
  • Carryn Anderson, MD, Radiation Oncology
  • Gregory A. Schmidt, MD, Internal Medicine
  • Bradley Manning, MD, Internal Medicine
  • Jorge Salinas, MD, Internal Medicine
  • Frederick Johlin Jr., MD, Internal Medicine

Clinician of the Year Award—Michael O’Donnell, MD

This award is given to a clinician who most embodies those aspects of a truly great patient service provider, including technical skill, humanism to patients and families, collaboration with colleagues, and advocacy. 

Of his patient relationships, O’Donnell says, “I talk to my patients the way I talk to my Mom. I reduce things down to their basic, fundamental concepts, and then I listen very carefully.” 

Innovations in Clinical Care Award—Katherine L. Imborek, MD, and Bradley Ford, MD, PhD

The Innovations in Clinical Care Award is given to an individual or team for implementation of an innovative new program or process that improves service to patients. 

“The innovative ILI Telemedicine Clinic began on March 10, 2020, just seven days after it was approved,” wrote one nominator. “This is a testament to the tireless work of HCIS, PAC, and our clinical leaders.” 

Patient Satisfaction and Service Excellence Award—Carryn Anderson, MD

This award is given to an individual or team in recognition of outstanding patient satisfaction. Metrics can include the Press Ganey Satisfaction Score, most improved score, or other patient feedback.

“This is a tremendous honor,” says Anderson, MD, head of the Head and Neck Treatment Team. “What I love about it the most is that it’s a team award.”  

Excellence in Quality Award—Bradley Manning, MD and Gregory A. Schmidt, MD

This award is given to an individual or team in recognition of outstanding quality of care provided to patients. Recipients will have demonstrated excellence in reportable measures of quality, benchmarked patient outcomes, or improvements in internally measured outcomes.

“The teams caring for COVID patients have provided extraordinarily high-quality care with excellent outcomes,” wrote on nominator. “All members of the teams went above and beyond everyday in a very stressful environment.” 

Excellence in Our Workplace Award—Jorge Salinas, MD

This award is given to a medical director whose leadership and innovation demonstrably improves the “practice life” and satisfaction of providers in the delivery of clinical care.

“If my work is visible and hopefully received as a positive for the institution, it’s because of the large team of people that are working with me,” says Salinas, MD. “This award represents me as well as them.”

Best Consulting Provider Award— Frederick Johlin Jr., MD

This award is given to an individual in recognition of his or her outstanding consulting or specialized services to the inpatient and ambulatory surgery patients of UI Health Care.

“Having a physical affirmation of the job well done,” says Johlin, MD, “can be as rewarding for an adult of my age as it can be for a small child that’s learning to ride their bicycle for the first time.”