Research pilot grant program addressing health disparities

Date: Tuesday, January 3, 2023

University of Iowa (UI) Health Care is seeking applications for a pilot grant program that supports research addressing health disparities within our community and patient populations. This funding is supported by the Office of Health Parity and the Vice President of Medical Affairs.


Addressing health disparities is a key priority for UI Health Care as we endeavor to improve healthcare for all patients. The future health of our community will be influenced substantially by improving the health of people affected by health disparities. Addressing disparities in health will require innovation, new knowledge, enhanced efforts at preventing disease, and the promotion and delivery of appropriate care. Project could focus on improving access and parity to preventive and treatment services, quality improvement efforts or innovative ways of working in collaboration, though these are just some of the possible strategies that will be considered.  

Funding Type

Total award up to $100,000 for one year with project completed during that time. 


Projects funded should seek to improve the understanding and/or addressing health disparities for a targeted group or groups:

  • Racial or ethnic
  • Religious
  • Socioeconomic status
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Mental health
  • Cognitive, sensory, or physical disability
  • Sexual orientation
  • Rural locations
  • Other characteristics historically linked to discrimination or exclusion

Areas of interest could include, but are not limited to:

  • Heart disease
  • Hypertension
  • Diabetes
  • Maternal child health
  • Cancer
  • Mental health
  • HIV
  • COVID-19
  • Obesity
  • Substance use disorder
  • Genetic diseases (e.g., sickle cell)

Principal investigators must be faculty members from the UI Carver College of Medicine (CCOM). Assistant professors, associate professors, and professors in the tenure, clinical, and research tracks are eligible to apply. Associates are not eligible. Co-investigators and collaborators may be UI faculty members residing outside the CCOM. Clinical trial proposals are not allowed.

Project Period

The project period will be one year from the start date of the award.

Application Process

  • A 2-page .pdf should be submitted (minimum 0.5-inch margins, 11-point font size) containing the following:
    • Title: Project Title. List the PI and investigators and anticipated authorship order, department affiliations, and contact information. List academic rank and clinical track of PI and investigators if applicable. Also list who will be the faculty mentor for the project.
    • Project objective and specific aims: Include no more than one primary objective, and no more than four specific aims.
    • Significance: Briefly describe significance of project.
    • Methods: Describe the methods including patient population, endpoints, sample size, and analysis to be used if applicable.
    • Resources available: (e.g., space such as clinic/lab, database management, statistical help).
    • Pertinent references may extend beyond the two page limit.
  • Biosketch of PI: 1-2 pages
  • Proposed Budget should be included in a separate .pdf (one page limit).

Submit applications

Budget Information

Allowable Expenses:

  • Salary and fringe support for trainees and staff
  • Supplies
  • Equipment/Instrumentation


Friday, Jan. 27, 2023
Expected Start Date
Monday, Feb. 27, 2023

Questions should be directed to Dr. Denise Martinez,