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Updated and Enhanced Lasergene 12 Software Now Available

Date: Thursday, October 9, 2014


Updated and enhanced Lasergene 12 DNA software now enables users to analyze their own Next-Gen sequencing and microarray projects with their own Mac or Windows Desktop computer.

The regular Lasergene software suite by DNAStar is useful for DNA sequence analysis and display, oligo and plasmid design, and protein and DNA alignments. With the latest updated version of Lasergene, we have now purchased a campus wide license for additional modules that allow users to analyze their own Next-Gen sequencing projects. These additional modules are part of the Lasergene Genomics Suite that includes:

  • Seqman NGen for assembly and comparison of genomic sequences from our cores Illumina platform or other sequences
  • QSeq, for analyzing RNA-seq, ChIP-Seq and similar experiments.
  • Array Star useful for comparing SNPs across Next-Gen samples or analyzing microarray data
  • Seqman Pro, an enhanced version of Seqman in the core suite capable of displaying and manipulating Next-Gen sequence data.

Download Lasergene 12 for either Mac or Windows

This is powerful software that can be operated from a desktop computer allowing users to analyze a variety of sequence data on their own. https://www.dnastar.com/software/genomics/

We are also updating the Lasergene 12 core suite which has a few changes to enhance its function. In addition, we have GenVision, which can generate publication quality graphics and maps or your DNA project.

The Bioinformatics User Group will be hosting an instructional webinar with DNAStar on Wednesday January 28th 12:30-1:30 in Seebohm Conference Room 283 EMRB. This will be a helpful introduction for those interested in processing and analyzing their own Next-Gen sequence data. Contact Tom Bair (thomas-bair@uiowa.edu), Director, IIHG Division of Bioinformatics, to find out more about this instructional class.

In addition to this class, training videos and other webinars are available directly from DNAStar.