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Dermatology Class of 2018

The Department of Dermatology is proud to announce the graduation of our senior residents. These physicians have worked hard over to complete our rigorous training program. 

Josh Hammel


Dr. Josh Hammel came to the UI after earning his MD from Emory University.  Dr. Hammel will be continuing his training with a Surgery Fellowship at the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston, Texas.




Carole McClanahan


Dr. Carole McClanahan stayed for her Dermatology residency after earning both her MD and MPH from the University of Iowa. Dr. McClanahan will be moving with her family to Colorado Springs, Colorado.  She will join UI Alums Drs. Patrick Sniezek and Brian Sperber in a private practice.




Allison Pierce


Dr. Allison Pierce started her Dermatology Residency after earning her MD from East Tennessee State University.  Dr. Pierce will be returning to Tennessee to join a private practice in Kingsport.




Lulit Price


Dr. Lulit Price joined the Department of Dermatology after earning her MD from Duke University.  She has served as Chief Resident for the last year.  Dr. Price will be joining the faculty at Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania.




Gretchen Roth


Dr. Gretchen Roth came to the UI after earning her MD at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine.   Dr. Roth will be joining the faculty at the Medical College of Wisconsin in Milwaukee.




Friday, June 29, 2018