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"Finding a Tenure-Track Job: professionalization event for graduate students"

Join Gwendolyn Gillson, Assistant Professor of Asian Studies at Illinois College and 2018 UIowa PhD in Religious Studies, to talk about how to land a tenure track job. What can you do at each stage of your PhD? How can you present yourself best in application materials and interviews? She will share her tips, experience, and materials that landed her a position as a Visiting Assistant Professor at Oberlin College and a tenure track position at a Small Liberal Arts College.

NOTE: Gwendolyn invites you to send questions or any specifics you would like her to address to gwendolyn.gillson@ic.edu. You may also bring your questions to the event.

Individuals with disabilities are encouraged to attend all University of Iowa–sponsored events. If you are a person with a disability who requires a reasonable accommodation in order to participate in this program, please contact Dongwang Liu in advance at (319)335-1305 or dongwang-liu@uiowa.edu