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Access and Keys

CCOM Access Requests  All requests for electronic access to College of Medicine Buildings (BSB, CBRB, CMAB, EMRB, MEB, MERF, ML, MRC, MRF, PBDB) and UI Building Westlawn (WL) should be sent to CCOM-Access@healthcare.uiowa.edu.  Access requests for MTF building should be sent to DPS-AccessServices@uiowa.edu

Contractor Access  Contractors should seek access via their project manager at UI Facilities Management, for futher contractor access questions please contact DPS-AccessServices@uiowa.edu

Keys  Physical door keys can be requisitions via the FM@YourService portal, the cost per key is $5.05.  To re-key a door, use the same portal, cost estimate is $300.  Department of Public Safety, Key & Access Services does not allow keys to be made for doors that have electronic access installed.  Contact Lisa Crawford for file cabinet keys, if CCOM Facilities office does not have file cabinet key on-hand, best option is to order online via the manufacturer or third party vendor. 

Office of Animal Resources Access  Please contact Nick Schaier for OAR access requests.

UIHC Badging Office  To report issues with your CCOM, Iowa One, or UIHC ID badge, please contact the UI Healthcare Badge Center

UIHC / Hospital Access  Please contact UIHC Safety & Security for access requests.