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Event Services & Space Reservations

To reserve conference room, classroom or event space in a CCOM building use the Reservations InBox 

Please be prepared to provide the following information in your reservation request:  

  • Name of your Meeting/Event
  • Anticipated number attending
  • Date
  • Time
  • Space requested - if the requested space is not available, an alternative will be reserved
  • Will food be offered for this meeting/event
  • If a set-up will be needed by CCOM Staff (set-up fees apply)

Contact Courtney Ralph via phone with questions at (319) 335-7248

EMS Web Portal  The EMS Web Portal link may be used to schedule reservations independently of the CCOM Office.  Contact Courtney Ralph to be set-up in the system with a user name and password.  Please note, if you are reserving a room that requires electronic access you will need to notify the Access InBox if you are reserving the week of your event or if you are reserving an event after-hours or on the weekend.    

Event Parking  Participant parking is located in the public ramp on Newton Road across from the MERF building.  Parking for caterers requires a parking placard and can only be used for loading and unloading of materials, long term parking is located in the Newton Road Ramp.  Contact Courtney Ralph with questions. 

Event Set-up  There is an associated fee for CCOM Facilities staff to set-up your event, please contact Courtney Ralph with questions.  

Poster Boards  There is a $10 rental fee per board for up to three days, $2 per day each day after.  This would be to any of the Health Sciences West Campus CCOM buildings, including UIHC.  Magnets, push pins and number cards are available upon request.