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Space Management

ATG Floor Plans  Login link can be found here.  Contact Jennifer Stout with questions or to request access. 

SIMS Updates  Contact Jennifer Stout with updates regarding SIMS requests (updating a room's use, departmental assignment or occupancy)

Space Information Portal  The Space Information Portal can be found within the Space Survey application in your Employee Self Service.  Upon logging into the portal you will be prompted with your SSO Healthcare sign in, there will then be a pop-up box asking you to sign in again.  Please sign into the additional pop-up box with your Iowa credentials.  Example:  Iowa\YourHawkID 

Space Requests  Contact Jason Miller with space requests. 

Space Survey  The Space Survey can be updated throughout the year with occupancy changes.  May through June is the annual Space Survey push for updates including functional use and funding sources for organized research, with completion due by June 30.  The Space Survey can be found in your Employee Self Service, under General Systems & Tools, UI Systems, Space Survey Application.  Contact Jennifer Stout with questions.