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Step 3: Request Permission to Hire

Once a final applicant is selected, the department should initiate a Search and Selection Summary (S&SS) form through the Jobs@Iowa requisition.  All faculty S&SS's automatically route to the Office of Faculty Affairs and Development for initial collegiate level review and approval by HR and the Associate Dean.

S&SS Required 3 Attachments include: 

  1. Executive Committee Packet - for appointments at the rank of Assistant Professor or above -all tracks.    
    Please combine the following into one pdf document containing these three items:

    a.  Microsoft Office document iconDEO to Dean Appointment Cover Ltr Template_0218.doc or see DEO to Dean Appointment Cover Letter  Microsoft Office document iconSpecific to Research Track Appointments  Template_0218.doc     
    b.  Curriculum Vitae [preferably in Carver College of Medicine format]
    c.  Three Letters of Support/Recommendation - see attached Guidelines    
         -Tenure Track: 2 of 3 letters must be external to the institution
         -Clinical Track: 1 of 3 letters must be external to the institution, unless all training took place here
  2.  Draft Offer Letter (click here for offer letter templates)
  3. Candidate Justification / Write-up
    This is a memorandum that discusses all interviewed candidates relative to required and desirable qualifications.  Include any other criteria that distinguish the recommended candidate(s) from other finalist(s) interviewed, such as years of related experience, references, publications, record or honors received.

Following initial review and approval of the Search and Selection Summary including the Draft Offer Letter, the Collegiate Executive Committee is provided the Executive Committee Packet (only).  The S&SS review process in the College typically takes a minimum of five business days.  This review/approval process may be delayed due to incomplete packets, missing letters of support, and/or required draft offer letter revisions. 

Following Executive Committee approval, the S&SS is approved by the Office of Faculty Affairs on behalf of the Dean and routed to the Office of the Provost for additional review.  Following approval by the Office of the Provost, the S&SS is routed to the Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity for final review and approval.  These review steps take a minimum of 3 business days.

During this time, the department may not obtain a signed offer letter. A draft offer letter, clearly marked as a draft and without signatures may be given to the candidate as a preliminary document. 

Notification of approval to offer a position will be automatically emailed by the workflow computer system and sent to all on the routing form.  At this time, a final offer letter may be provided to the candidate.