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Research Faculty and Staff

Associate Head for Research                   

Barcey T. Levy, MD, PhDBarcey Levy Photo

Associate Head for Research
Professor of Family Medicine
Phone: 1-319-384-7000
Email: barcey-levy@uiowa.edu

  • Colorectal cancer screening
  • Women's health
  • Osteoporosis
  • Health promotion 

Director of Research Development

Stephanie Bunt, PhD

Research Assistant Professor
Department of Family Medicine
Phone: 1-402-547-8886
Email: stephanie-bunt@uiowa.edu

  • Telehealth

Research Faculty

George R. Bergus, MD, MA-Ed George Bergus Photo

Professor of Family Medicine
Phone: 1-319-384-7566
Email: george-bergus@uiowa.edu

  • Psychiatry in a primary care setting
  • Medical decision making

 Jeffrey Dawson, ScDJeffrey Dawson Photo

Professor of Biostatistics
Phone: 1-319-384-1510
Email: jeffrey-dawson@uiowa.edu

  • Statistical consultant for family medicine
  • Biostatistics 

John W. Ely, MD, MPHJohn Ely Photo

Professor of Family Medicine
Phone: 1-319-384-7533
Email: john-ely@uiowa.edu

  • Physicians' Information Needs
  • Diagnostic Errors
  • Checklists 

Mike E. Ernst, PharmDMike Ernst, portrait

Clinical Professor of Family Medicine
Phone: 1-319-384-7756
Email: michael-ernst@uiowa.edu

  • Geriatrics
  • Drug-related problems
  • Appropriate medication use
  • Ambulatory blood pressure management 

Gerald Jogerst, MDGerald Jogerst Photo

Professor Emeritus of Family Medicine
Phone: 1-319-384-7704
Email: gerald-jogerst@uiowa.edu

  • Elder abuse
  • International family medicine training
  • Methods of teaching geriatric medicine 

Clarence D. Kreiter, PhDClarence Kreiter Photo

Professor, Office of Consultation and Research in Medical Education
Phone: 1-319-335-8906
Email: clarence-kreiter@uiowa.edu

  • Statistics
  • Performance assessment
  • Psychological measurement
  • Item response theory
  • Generalization theory
  • Experimental design
  • Social implications of testing and test design
  • Clinical reasoning assessment
  • OSCE assessment 

Marcy E. Rosenbaum, PhDMarcy Rosenbaum Photo

Associate Professor, Office of Consultation and Research in Medical Education
Phone: 1-319-335-8612
Email: marcy-rosenbaum@uiowa.edu

  • Medical education
  • Physician-patient communications
  • Qualitative research 

 Michelle Weckmann, MDMichelle Weckmann Photo

Assistant Professor of Family Medicine
Phone: 1-319-384-7538
Email: michelle-weckman@uiowa.edu

  • Delirium (identification, treatment and prevention)
  • Palliative Care 

Research Staff

Jeanette Daly, RN, PhD 

Research Scientist
Phone: 1-319-384-8995
Email: jeanette-daly@uiowa.edu

  • Elder abuse
  • Legislation related to elder abuse
  • Colorectal cancer screening
  • ​Fecal immunochemical testing 

Yinghui Xu, MSYinghui Xu Photo

Statistician/Biostatistics Manager
Office: 01293-C PFP 
Address: 200 Hawkins Drive, Iowa City, Iowa 52242 
Phone: 1-319-384-5078
Email: yinghui-xu@uiowa.edu


Parang Kim, MAParang Kim Photo

Research Associate 
Office: 01103 PFP 
Address: 200 Hawkins Drive, Iowa City, Iowa 52242 
Phone: 1-319-384-8544
Email: parang-kim@uiowa.edu


Laura Gusomano, AALaura Gusomano Photo

Administrative Services Coordinator 
Office: 01290-5 PFP 
Address: 200 Hawkins Drive, Iowa City, Iowa 52242 
Phone: 1-319-384-7763
Email: laura-gusomano@uiowa.edu