Postdoctoral Opportunities


Requisition # 3805

Lab: Ryan Boudreau

Salary: $54,840.00 to Commensurate

Position description: A Postdoctoral Research Scholar position is available in the Boudreau Lab of Genomic and Molecular Medicine (PI: Dr. Ryan Boudreau) in the Department of Internal Medicine. Research focus on novel genetic / molecular pathways and therapies for cardiac, neurologic, and metabolic disease:

  • Effects of microRNAs / RNA-binding proteins in neurological and cardiac disease
  • Viral and non-viral mediated inhibition of endogenous microRNAs for neuro- and cardio-protection
  • Discovering and characterizing new or understudied disease-related genes and microproteins in heart and/or brain
  • Gene-targeted therapies for heart and brain disease
  • Neuronal control of metabolism

Research in the laboratory includes the use of viral vectors, mouse models, microsurgery, cell culture systems, bioinformatics, genetic engineering and manipulation, and human tissues. Selected candidate is expected to work independently while interacting in a collaborative environment.

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Requisition # 3693

Lab: Rebecca Dodd

​Salary: $56,484.00 to Commensurate

Position Description: Conduct highly technical and specialized scientific research by performing research experiments and contributing to securing funding in an established research laboratory studying cancer biology. Specific research is in the areas of cancer and sarcoma genetics, the tumor microenvironment, preclinical studies and novel genome editing tools. 

Key experimental duties include in vitro and in vivo experiments involving tissue culture, histology, molecular biology, in vivo tumor analyses and CRISPR/Cas9 techniques.  Key areas of responsibility include conducting research activities/experiments, data/research analysis and evaluation; dissemination of research results; assembling research proposals/grants/publications; service; and human resources/supervision.

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Requisition # 4035

Lab: Terry Wahls

Salary: $56,484.00 to Commensurate

Position Description: The postdoctoral research scholar position provides an opportunity to join an existing teamthat is conducting clinical research assessing the impact of dietary patterns, diet quality andlifestyle in multiple sclerosis. The post-doctoral research scholar will work primarily with Drs.Terry Wahls and Linda Snetselaar. Additional nutrition scientist collaborators will include Drs.Wei Bao and Tyler Titcomb. The scholar will analyze data from existing projects, developmanuscripts to submit to leading journals, develop grant proposals, and take an active role incurrent and future research.

Current and forth coming projects include a randomized controlled trial investigatingketogenic, modified Paleolithic and Dietary Guidelines for Americans diets in the setting ofmultiple sclerosis. Future studies include analyses of metabolomics and microbiome dataand longitudinal quality of life data from a study comparing low saturated fat and modifiedPaleolithic diet in the setting of multiple sclerosis.

The post-doctoral candidate’s specific project related responsibilities will be developed inconsultation with Drs. Wahls and Snetselaar and may include project management, datacollection, development of research hypotheses, analytic strategies and scholar initiatedanalyses and projects related to the lab’s core projects.

The post-doctoral position is a one year full time appointment. Reappointment for additionalyears is possible depending on the fellow’s performance as it relates to their initiative,support of the lab, their publication record, and available funding.

The successful candidate will be involved in studying the impact of diet and lifestyle factorson clinical outcomes in multiple sclerosis and other chronic disease states in humansubjects. She/he will have access to existing data, collaborators in the Colleges of Medicine,Nursing, Public Health, and Liberal Arts and Sciences. The successful candidate is expectedto qualify for training grants and fellowships and to further our understanding of therelationship between diet and various lifestyle factors and brain health.

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Requisition # 4066

Lab: Sanjana Dayal

Salary: $56,484.00 to $68,604.00

Position description: The University of Iowa is seeking a Postdoctoral Scholar to join an NIH-funded R01 project studying the role of platelet, neutrophil and endothelial cell activation in thrombosis during aging in mouse models and humans and whether caloric restriction protects. The successful candidate will join our Thrombosis/Vascular Biology Research Group, which uses novel genetic models to study mechanisms of thrombosis related to risk factors such as aging, diabetes, cancer, or infection. Candidates must have an MD and/or PhD degree, be a creative and motivated scientist planning a long-term career in scientific research, and possess a strong background in vascular biology, biochemistry, physiology, and/or molecular biology. Experience is designing mechanistic approaches in humans or animals is required. Experience in studying endothelial dysfunction or other vascular injury model or MULTI OMICS approaches will also be considered.

Scholars will utilize in vitro, ex vivo, and in vivo research models, as well as state of the art microscopy, flowcytometry and genomic approaches. They will acquire new complementary skills in platelet and vascular cell physiology, small animal surgery, molecular techniques, and cell base assays. Trainees also will have the opportunity to participate in the design, execution, and interpretation of research studies with human subjects.