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Abboud Receives Training Grant Renewal

Phot - Francois Abboud

July 6, 2016

Dr. Fran├žois Abboud has received a 5-year renewal of the T-32 grant that has funded the Cardiovascular Institutional Research Fellowship, a postdoctoral program providing mentorship, guidance, and support to physicians and basic scientists in cardiovascular medicine. Graduates of this fellowship are distinguished investigators and leaders at the University of Iowa and around the world. Their discoveries have led to a greater understanding and more skillful management of heart disease and stroke.

This program has been continuously funded since 1975 and will continue through 2021, an impressive 46 years. This award prompted a congratulatory phone call to Dr. Abboud from the office of US Senator Joni Ernst. "The accolade for this sustained commitment," Dr. Abboud says, "goes to the institutional values of pursuit of excellence, dedication to mentoring, devotion to discovery, and a spirit of loyalty and trust between leaders, students, faculty, and staff."