FOEDRC Pilot Grants Announced

Photo: Ryan BoudreauDr. Ryan Boudreau, Assistant Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine, has been awarded one of four new grants from the Fraternal Order of Eagles Diabetes Research Center. These FOEDRC pilot and feasibility grants are awarded to innovative projects approaching diabetes research from new directions. These grants can both help an investigator just beginning his or her career or an established investigator blaze a new trail. Four grants announced in this round will begin the first of their two-year runs. Dr. Boudreau and his colleagues will continue their research into a particular mitochondrial protein in hopes of better understanding how the body regulates metabolism. His $100,000, two-year grant may unveil a therapeutic treatment that aids in preventing the onset of metabolic dysfunction leading to obesity.

Photo: Peter SnyderLast year, Dr. Pete Snyder’s study, “Epithelial Na+ Channel Regulation by Glucose,” examining the link between high blood pressure and diabetes, was awarded an FOEDRC pilot and feasibility grant. Dr. Snyder’s early experiments identified a pathway that may explain why individuals with diabetes tend to have greater incidences of high blood pressure, which could lead to more effective treatments of both.

For more information about the other pilot grants funded by the FOEDRC, read this article at The Loop. Congratulations!