Foundations & Innovations 2018

In 2017, the Department of Internal Medicine produced its first print publication in many years, gathering an overview of the remarkable work taking place here. We asked each Division Director and our Residency Program Director to describe in their own words just a few of their recent successes and where they were headed next. We then mailed that book out across the country, to every academic medical center, every Chair, every Vice Chair for Education, every Residency Program Director, and every medical school Dean in the country. That inaugural issue of Foundations & Innovations is also available online.

For the next issue, we reorganized, still covering work in every division, but grouped instead by each component of our academic mission. Our most recent issue of Foundations & Innovations now highlights breakthroughs and ongoing efforts in research, education, and patient care. We also partnered with our colleagues in the University of Iowa Center for Advancement to feature some of the generous donors whose philanthropy made those breakthroughs possible.

The issue is still with the printer. Copies will go out in the mail soon and each division will also receive copies. In the meantime, we are proud to present the digitial version of the 2018 issue of Foundations & Innovations.

Special thanks go to designer Shawn Roach and to the many faculty and staff members both within the department and within the Carver College of Medicine for their participation and their contributions.