Patient Satisfaction on the Rise in the MSC

The Department’s Medicine Specialty Clinic (MSC) tracks its patient satisfaction with the help of Press-Ganey evaluations patients complete. In the last quarter, compared to the previous quarter, the MSC has seen significant growth in one category and nearly achieved its goal in another. These graphs show that in response to the question of whether the patient feels included in decisions by his or her care provider, the MSC has seen a 2.6 percent increase and a 15-point rank increase in the number of people rating them with a “5” or “very good,” blowing past their score goal of 80.4 percent by 4.5 percentage points. On the question of whether nurses and assistants show concern for their problems, the MSC has edged up within a tenth of a percentage point of its goal. This is remarkable progress in just a few months. Clinical Administrator John Swenning says, “We simply have the best providers around. They care that our patients really want to understand their plan and they deliver!” Congratulations to every member of the MSC!

Photo - MSC survey results