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Schilling Appointed to Professorship in Geriatrics Education

Photo - Margo Schilling

July 22, 2016

Dr. Margo Schilling has been named to the John McMaster Ristine M.D. Professorship in Geriatrics Education. Throughout her 30-year career at the University of Iowa, Dr. Schilling has distinguished herself as one of the leading scholars and educators of geriatric medicine. Her regular publications reveal a specialized consideration for the unique needs of this population, from alternative therapies for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease to monitoring of vitamin D prescriptions. Her skills as an educator are such that her students have regularly nominated her for Teacher of the Year, an award she has won multiple times.

As our growing elderly population, particularly in the state of Iowa, increasingly relies on our healthcare system, the University of Iowa will depend on expert gerontologists such as Dr. Schilling for counsel and guidance and for mentorship of our trainees. We can think of no one more deserving for this position than Dr. Schilling and offer her our sincere congratulations.