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Fraternal Order of Eagles Diabetes Research Center

Obesity Research and Education Initiative

Our Reseachers

Photo - Dale Abel

E. Dale Abel, MD, PhD

Email: drcadmin@uiowa.edu

Photo: Christopher Adams

Christopher Adams, MD, PhD

Email: christopher-adams@uiowa.edu

Sue Bodine, PhD

Email: sue-bodine@uiowa.edu

Marcelo Correia, MD, MSc, PhD

Clinical Assistant Professor
Email: marcelo-correia@uiowa.edu

Ayotunde Dokun, MD, PhD, FACE

Associate Professor
Email: ayotunde-dokun@uiowa.edu

Yumi Imai, MD

Associate Professor
Email: yumi-imai@uiowa.edu

Brian O'Neill, MD, PhD

Assistant Professor
Email: brian-oneill@uiowa.edu

Renata Pereira Alambert, PhD

Research Assistant Professor
Email: renata-pereira@uiowa.edu

Qian Shi, PhD

Email: qian-shi-1@uiowa.edu

Madhu Singh, PhD

Research Assistant Professor
Email: madhu-singh@uiowa.edu

William Sivitz, MD

Emeritus Professor
Email: william-sivitz@uiowa.edu

Rhonda Souvenir, PhD

Email: rhonda-souvenir@uiowa.edu

Samuel Stephens, PhD

Assistant Professor
Email: samuel-b-stephens@uiowa.edu

Eric Weatherford, PhD

Email: eric-weatherford@uiowa.edu

Mark Yorek, PhD

Email: mark-yorek@uiowa.edu

Quan Jiang Zhang, MD, PhD

Research Assistant Professor
Email: quan-zhang@uiowa.edu

Yuan Zhang, PhD

Email: yuan-zhang-1@uiowa.edu

Research Minute: Chris Adams, MD, PhD 

Chris Adams is a physician scientist at the University of Iowa. His lab is focusing on skeletal muscle atrophy and working to discover chemical compounds that can reduce muscle atrophy.