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Nicole Nisly comments on IPR
This year has been a political roller coaster for the state’s transgender population, Iowa Public Radio reports. Nicole Nisly, MD, co-director of the UI Health Care LGBTQ clinic, estimates about 150 patients’ surgeries have been disrupted by a provision to the health budget bill last April.


Virtual Hospitalist Service

Faculty members featured in Making the Rounds

  • Richard Hoffman, Helena Laroche, and Terry Wahls were all featured in Dr. Abel’s Views from the Chair for their contributions to research and recent presence in the news. Read the article in its entirety in the July 21st issue of Making the Rounds.  
  • Terry Wahls’ study featured in HealthLine.
  • Richard Hoffman’s article featured in MedPage Today
  • Helena Laroche summarized her current work for a CDC publication

Terry Wahls Appears on Good Morning America
This past month, Good Morning America stopped by UIHC to interview Terry Wahls. The interview was part of a segment that the program did on Susannah Meadows and her book The Other Side of Impossible (a book about people facing difficult illnesses who find ways of getting better on their own). Terry was asked to tell her own incredible story of recovery from MS. Visit Good Morning America to view the segment.

Aaron Scherer and team receive nationwide and international attention for recent study
A recent study published by Aaron Scherer and his research collaborators at University of Michigan, University of Utah Health, and Radboud University in the Netherlands, has received world-wide attention. The study focused on improving how risk information about pandemic influenza is communicated to the public and discovered that specific wording and graphics shape flu perceptions and the intent to vaccinate. For example, an exotic-sounding virus label such as “Yarraman Flu” frightens the public more and increases vaccination intentions compared to an animal reservoir label such as “Horse Flu.”

Kuperman: Bringing tertiary care to communities:
Ethan Kuperman, MD was recently interviewed by Today’s Hospitalist to explain the UI Hospitals and Clinics virtual hospitalist service.

Heather Reisinger & Samantha Solimeo featured in the UI Anthropology Dpt. Newsletter
Heather Reisinger, PhD and Samantha Solimeo, PhD were featured in the Anthropology Department’s June newsletter in a featured titled, Medical Anthropologist
@ Work: Colleagues and Alumni at the Veterans Affairs Health Care System in Iowa City.


Terry Wahls Book Tour
Over the past few months, Terry Wahls, MD has been out promoting her newly released book, The Wahls Protocol: Cooking for Life. Watch this clip from Kansas City’s Fox 4 News.

Heather Reisinger Featured in ContagionLive: Infectious Diseases Today
Heather Reisinger, PhD recently received press coverage for her expertise in preventing healthcare-associated infections (HAIs). Specifically, the article focuses on her recent presentation at the Society for Healthcare Epidemiology of America (SHEA) Spring 2017 Conference. [Read the article.]


Offering Healthier Foods in Concession Stands Good for Both Sales and Satisfaction (CNN)
Helena Laroche, MD


Veterans Affairs National Quality Scholars Fellowship Program Offers Hospitalists Training Opportunity (The Hospitalist)
Peter Kaboli, MD

Antibiotic-Resistant Infections Lead to 23,000 Deaths a Year, CDC Finds (New York Times)
Eli Perencevich, MD

WorldCanvass: Remaking the Body
Nicole Nisly, MD


Deadly 'superbugs' invade U.S. health care facilities (USA Today)
Eli Perencevich, MD

Hospital Acquired Infections (Iowa Public Radio)
Marin Schweizer, PhD


With Doubts, FDA Panel Votes For Yaz And Related Contraceptives (NPR)
Peter Kaboli, MD

Terry Wahls gives TED Talk