Professional Highlights

  • Richard Hoffman Joins Editorial Board as well as Hospital & National Task Forces

In March, Richard Hoffman, MD was invited to be on the Editorial Board for the Journal of General Internal Medicine. He has also joined the Shared Decision-Making Task Group of the American Cancer Society’s National Lung Cancer Round Table. Furthermore, Dr. Hoffman was invited by the Chief of Staff to join the Professional Practice and Well Being Subcommittee.


  • Peter Kaboli to Perform as a Case Competition Judge

On April 3rd, Peter Kaboli, MD served as a panel expert and judger for the University Of Iowa College Of Public Health’s Global Rural Health Case Competition. Students presented cases on Puerto Rico’s power crisis. This was the college’s first case competition and featured a keynote address from Hot Hungry Planet author Lisa Palmer.


  • Peter Kaboli Joins Faculty Senate

At the beginning of March, Peter Kaboli, MD was elected to the Faculty Senate from the Carver College of Medicine. He will serve for three years, 2018-2021.

  • Heather Reisinger joins Awards Review Committee

Heather Reisinger, PhD, was invited to be a reviewer for the 2017 Health Services Research & Development Awards for the Best Research Paper of the Year Award.


  • The VA’s HSR&D Update Features the Work of Eli Perencevich and Heather Reisinger

The VA Office of Research and Development features publications detailing current research projects of VA employees throughout the country. In January’s issue, the section featured Eli Perencevich and Heather Reisinger’s collaboration between the VA and CDC to ramp up the fight against infectious diseases. Specifically, the article focuses on plans to prevent the spread of dangerous pathogens at VA facilities. Click here to read the full article.


  • Dale Abel Recognizes Nicole Nisly in Views from the Chair

In the January 19th issue of Views from the Chair, Dr. Abel focused on diversity and the Department’s commitment to recognizing the “equality, worth, and potential in every individual, regardless of the nation they call home…” Dr. Abel went on to recognized Nicole Nisly who is the Associate Chair of Diversity in Internal Medicine and her “commitment to serving many medically underserved populations…” The feature continues on to discuss the creation of the LGBTQ Clinic, which is the first in the state. To read the full article, visit the Department’s Making the Rounds webpage.


  • Mark Vander Weg and David Katz featured in UIHC’s Noon News and the Daily Iowan

In September, Mark Vander Weg and David Katz received NCI funding to lead the project “Nurse-facilitated Tobacco Treatment in the Oncology Clinic.” In January, Mark Vander Weg and David Katz had their recently funded NCI grant “Nurse-facilitated Tobacco Treatment in the Oncology Clinic” featured in the Noon News. “Connecting the dots – helping cancer patients to quit smoking” details the approach that the investigators take to tailor the treatment of patients’ needs and preferences. Find the full article here.  The upcoming project was also featured in the Daily Iowa.


  • Helena Laroche’s Research Featured in the Mobile Museum

Helena Laroche’s research is set to be featured in the University of Iowa’s Mobile Museum. Dr. Laroche’s research will be part of a featured theme of: Discover/Develop/Deploy. While the museum will tell the entire Discover/Develop/Deploy story of Helena’s Social/Physical Ecology of Physical Activity (Obesity), it will focus on the deployment of this research.

To learn more about the University’s Mobile Clinic, visit their website


  • Hospitalist-to-be Sheena CarlLee Receives Funding for New Education-Related Projects

Chief Resident Sheena CarlLee, who will be joining our hospitalist team next summer, has received funding for new-education related projects from the Graduate Medical Education Innovation Fund Committee. Dr. CarlLee’s funded proposal is titled “TIRED – Technology and Teaching to Improve Resident Wellness and Education.”


  • Eli Perencevich Named to Editorial Position

In October, Eli Perencevich became the Associate Editor of JAMA Network Open. Jama Network Open is a new journal launched by the JAMA Network. This will be a fully open access journal set to launch in early 2018.


  • Heather Reisinger became a reviewer for the Journal of Comparative Effectiveness Research


  • Samantha Solimeo joins Editorial Board

Congratulations to Samantha Solimeo who was invited to join the editorial board for Psychology of Men and Masculinity which is a peer-reviewed academic journal published by the American Psychological Association on behalf of the Society of the Psychological Study of Men and Masculinity (Division 51).


  • Michelle Mengeling listed as Subject Matter Expert

Michelle Mengeling was listed as Subject Matter Expert and had multiple works cited in the following report: Yablonsky AM, Martin RC, Highfill-McRoy RM, McAnany J, Fitzmaurice S, Lee I, … Rychnovsky JD. (2017). Military women’s health: A scoping review and gap analysis, 2000-2015 (Report No. N15-015). Silver Spring: Naval Medical Research Center.

Link to Report


Grants (Add a grants section to the current research page)

  • Hilary Mosher Received an “Intent to Fund” Letter for her VA QUERI Grant

Hilary Mosher received an “Intent to Fund” letter from the VA Quality Enhancement Research Initiative (QUERI) for her proposal entitled “Effective hospital practices to prevent immediate and delayed opioid adverse events while improving pain and functional outcomes.” Hilary’s research will focus on improving pain management in the inpatient setting and will test ways to best implement new guidelines on safer opioid use in hospitalized patients (guidelines that she co-authored). If successful, she could receive $1 million to implement her protocol across all VA. Working alongside her on this project are also Heather Reisinger and Amy O’Shea. Congratulations Hilary and team!


  • Peter Kaboli to serve on funded project as Co-Investigator

Peter Kaboli will serve as co-investigator to Brahmajee Nallamothuon his IRR resubmission of “ResCU II: Improving In-Hospital Cardiac Arrest Care and Discovering Keys to Super-Survivorship.”


  • Eli Perencevich and Heather Reisinger have CDC Grant Funded

Eli Perencevich and Heather Reisinger are set to lead a “new and unique infection control-focused, practice based research network (PBRN) that will be jointly funded by VA and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).” Eli will lead the 15-site PBRN while Heather leads the VA-funded implementation core that will support the new network. To read more about the new program and partnership, read the write-up that they were featured in in HSR&D News.

Link to Article

  • In addition to this write-up, Eli and Heather were also interviewed as part of the HSR&D News Spotlight Feature. Link to Interview


  • Marin Schweizer receives VA Merit Grant

Marin Schweizer has been awarded a 3-year, $912,000 VA merit grant through Health Services Research and Development. This award will help her to potentially develop more reliable guidelines for prescribing indefinite oral antibiotics, also known as chronic antibiotic suppression (CAS).


  • Mary Vaughan Sarrazin has NIH R01 Funded

Mary Vaughan Sarrazin received the news that her NIH R01 “Dosing of Direct Oral Anticoagulants for Stroke Prevention in Atrial Fibrillation” was funded. In addition to hearing this exciting news, Mary also received a congratulatory email from U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley’s Health Policy Director, Karen L. Summar.


  • Thad Abrams funded on a NIH-DoD-VA Pain Management Collaboratory – Pragmatic Clinical Trials Demonstration Projects (UG3/UH3)

Congratulations to Thad Abrams who was funded with Christine Goertz on a NIH-DoD-VA Pain Management Collaboratory - Pragmatic Clinical Trials Demonstration Projects (UG3/UH3) through Palmer College of Chiropractic to study “Chiropractic Care for Veterans: A Pragmatic Randomized Trial Addressing Dose Effects for cLBP”


  • Terry Wahls receives funding from VA

Terry Wahls recently received funding from the Center for the Prevention and Treatment of Visual Loss (VAMC) for the grant entitled Dietary Approaches to Treat MS Related Fatigue. Terry will provide her expertise in dietary approaches to treating multiple sclerosis related to fatigue as determined by ocular testing via smartphone applications.


  • Eli, Heather, & Marin receive funding from the CDC

Eli Perencevich, Heather Reisinger, & Marin Schweizer receive funding from the CDC for the VA / CDC Partnered Infection Control Practice-Based Research Network (PBRN). This one-year, renewable for 5 years grant to the ICVA Research Foundation provides support for each of 15 VA-affiliated sites to have a research coordinator trained to monitor infection control processes.


  • David Katz and Mark Vander Weg receive funding to lead project

David Katz & Mark Vander Weg were recently funded by NCI to lead the project “Nurse-facilitated Tobacco Treatment in the Oncology Clinic.” The primary aim of this implementation trial is to determine the effectiveness of a nurse facilitation strategy in improving tobacco treatment during the course of routing oncologic care. This is a P30 Cancer Administrative Supplement that will run through 2018.


  • Heather Reisinger receives funding by VA

Heather Reisinger received VA Funding for a competitive renewal of her “Building an Optimal Hand Hygiene Bundle: A mixed Methods Approach” grant. This will allow for an implementation core for the VA-CDC network for the next two years.