Research is an important priority for the division and benefits from an extremely close relationship with the Iowa City VA, where many of our researchers are based. Areas of research focus include:

  1. Quality measurement and implementation research (Drs. Abrams, Johnson, Kaboli, Katz, Kuperman, Mosher, Reisinger, Vaughan-Sarrazin)
  2. Evidence-based infection prevention (Drs. Perencevich, Reisinger, Schweizer);
  3. Patient-centered screening and prevention (Drs. Hoffman, Katz, Scherer, Solimeo, Vander Weg)
  4. Community-based participatory research and obesity prevention (Dr. Laroche)
  5. Research methods and analytics (Dr. O'Shea)
  6. Learner assessment (Drs. Ferguson, Barlow)
  7. Diet quality, and modifiable lifestyle factors and their impact on health and disease (Dr. Wahls)

Key resources available for collaboration include:

Research Laboratories

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