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Why Iowa?

Experienced Interdisciplinary Teams

Our interdisciplinary teams works in 3 different sites to provide comprehensive hospice and palliative care. The team members include:

  • Social worker 
  • Music therapists
  • Chaplains  
  • Nurse practitioners
  • Pharmacist  
  • Physicians 

Faculty Diversity

Although Palliative Medicine is administratively housed in Internal Medicine, there are 7 specialties represented on our faculty: Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, Vascular Surgery, Critical Care, Psychiatry, Family Medicine, and Cardiology. In addition we also have the expertise of an ethicist, and the presence of these clinicians provides an environment for robust training. Different points of view from clinician team members are encouraged as they promote creative thinking and problem-solving. 

Focus on Learning

Consults are provided throughout the medical center. In addition to goal clarification the consults may address symptom management; emotional, psychological or spiritual distress; decision-making and advance care planning; cessation of life-prolonging therapy, or potential hospice enrollment. On average the fellow takes 1-2 new patients daily and makes 3-5 follow up visits on patients seen at initial consultation.

Treat the Patient, Treat the System

In addition to providing care for patients, we expect fellows to "treat the system" by selecting one system-focused quality improvement project for the year. These projects can enhance patients' quality of care for years to come, and for the fellow may potentially develop into a lifetime academic focus.

Our City

The Iowa City/Coralville area provides a vibrant assortment of attractions and events. With an abundance of museums, festivals, theaters, and sports/wellness/recreational activities, Iowa City offers a lively culture, but also a safe and comfortable living environment.

Learn more about life in Iowa City.

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