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Required Course Components for FACE

1. Educational Seminar Sessions (25 hours, session plus prep)
The faculty directors of the FACE Program organize and direct monthly seminars on topics relevant to enhancing teaching and educational skills. Seminars will be interactive rather than didactic, allowing participants to discuss and apply educational concepts and techniques presented. Each seminar will be held one Thursday of each month from 1:00-2:30 pm beginning in September every year. For most sessions, there will be assignments to be completed prior to the seminar. Participants can miss no more than 2 sessions in order to receive credit for participating in the program and must inform one of the program directors prior to missing a session. Appendix 1 outlines specific topics and objectives for sessions during the course.

2. Application and Reflection (part of prep)
FACE participants will be given specific application homework assignments of the skills covered in each session. For example, participants will identify specific teaching skills from the sessions and practice using them with their learners or observe others using these skills. Participants will reflect upon their experience in applying these skills to their teaching and come prepared to discuss at the next FACE session.

3. Teaching Video (1 hour)
Each FACE participant is expected to be video recorded in a teaching context that they think would be the most helpful to receive feedback about. This can include any classroom or clinical teaching context (lecture, small group, inpatient, outpatient, etc). It is recommended that, if possible, at least 30 minutes be recorded in a clinical context (for example, with 2-3 different learners so they can have a choice of material for the class to review) or the whole session for a classroom context. Each participant will then pick a 5-15 minute segment of the recording they would like to have viewed and discussed by the class. A segment that includes learner or teacher behaviors the student has questions about or raises issues about teaching would be the most fruitful choice. In the FACE meeting on 4/15/2021, all participants’ video segments will be reviewed and provide the basis for broad discussion of teaching challenges and strategies. Participants should anticipate the need for this video recording and produce the video at any time prior to 4/15/2021. If participants don’t have access to their own recording equipment, FACE directors can help arrange for a loan of a video camera and if necessary, someone to run the camera during the chosen teaching session.