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Committee I:  Learning from other programs

  • Literature search
    • Master Mentor/Master Clinician Mentor
    • How to inculcate findings into an academic culture
  • Refining our goals
  • Members
    • Teri Brennan
    • Greg Schmidt
    • Zuhair Ballas
    • Dan Diekema
    • Janet Schlechte (chair)
    • Doug Hornick​

Committee II: Preserving a tradition of clinical excellence

  • Develop questions for video interviews with Drs. Clifton, Seebohm, Abboud, Hubel, DeGowin and Smith
  • Create a video that reflects the Iowa tradition
  • Members
    • Tom Gross
    • Don Brown
    • Jeff Wilson (chair)

Committee III:  Creating a culture of excellence

  • Develop a series of videos to share clinical skills based on “What I Do Best”
  • Develop a series of educational days for faculty to observe colleagues in practice
  • Develop strategies for mentoring junior faculty
  • Members
    • Chris Goerdt
    • Peter Densen
    • Brian Link
    • Ellen Gordon

Committee IV:  Develop measures of clinical effectiveness to assess impact of activities

  • Members
    • Scott Vogelgesang (chair)
    • Joel Gordon
    • Manish Suneja
    • Becky Hegeman
    • Gwen Beck
    • Mark Wilson