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Information for Students

Clinical and Diagnostic Reasoning

During clinical encounters with patients, experienced physicians engage in numerous clinical tasks [more...]

Tips on finding a Master Clinician Advisor

Think about clinical and educational and seek someone who matches your interests. You can learn about faculty interests and expertise through a variety of sources

Club Med - Internal Medicine Interest Group

The mission of the Internal Medicine Interest Group (IMIG) at the University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine, named Club Med, is to increase the understanding and enthusiasm for internal medicine amongst medical students as well as to act as a service organization.

Faculty Advisors

We are general internists and nephrologist at UIHC, and we serve as two of the Internal Medicine Career Advisors. We look forward to meeting students interested in Internal Medicine and making the interest group a success!

Katherine I. Harris, M.D.
Clinical Associate Professor
E327-1 GH
(319) 384-8512

Manish Suneja, M.D.
Clinical Professor
E323 GH
(319) 356-1734

Please feel free to contact our faculty advisors and student officers regarding any questions you might have about IMIG or Internal Medicine.

Internal Medicine and Subspecialties

Ongoing Events and Activities

Shadowing Program for First and Second Year Medical Students (under development)

Faculty Career Advisors in Internal Medicine

Faculty Mentors in Internal Medicine (Master Clinicians)