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Outpatient Clerkship Description

By focusing on problems that are common to the ambulatory setting, the Outpatient Internal Medicine Clerkship is designed to provide students with the experiences and teaching necessary to develop specific competencies for the practice of outpatient internal medicine.  During the four-week clerkship students will share in the challenges and rewards of caring for patients with a variety of illnesses as well as spend time thinking critically about these diseases with the Internal Medicine housestaff and faculty.

The clerkship focuses on what students have traditionally found valuable on the rotation:  Teaching Clinics with selected Internal Medicine faculty offer one-on-one teaching and mentoring; exposure to a variety of subspecialty clinics as well as to a broad range of diseases; and, an opportunity to see patients with chronic diseases who are doing well.  In addition, students will have the opportunity to learn from selected Internal Medicine “Teaching Residents.”

This educational experience in clinical medicine is designed to build upon the curriculum students covered in the pre-clinical phase.  During the clerkship students will gain skills and knowledge specific to the practice of ambulatory medicine as well as to continue to build the clinical skills necessary to be a competent physician.  The clerkship goals overlap with other core clerkships and are aimed at developing competent and caring physicians.  Self-directed learning will also be very important to the student’s success on this clerkship and in the remainder of the final years of medical school.  The retained images of patients along with the knowledge gained from reading and learning about patient problems will quickly come to replace outlines, lecture notes and the laboratory.