ACP Chapter Excellence Award

Since 2005, the Chapter Excellence/Lifetime Achievement Award has been given annually by the Iowa Chapter of the American College of Physicians as a mark of honor and recognition for achievement of a senior physician who has been a faithful member of the chapter and who has made major contributions to medicine in internal medicine in the State of Iowa.


2017 - John P. Viner, MD, FACP (Dubuque)

2016 - Donald D. Brown, MD, FACP

2015 - Peter J. Reiter, MD, FACP (Ottumwa)

2014 - Richard F. LeBlond, MD, MACP

2013 - Steven R. Craig, MDm MACP (Des Moines)

2012 - Janet Schlechte, MD, MACP

2011 - Peter Densen, MD, FACP

2010 - John F. Fieselmann, MD, MACP

2009 - Robert Sedlacek, MD, FACP (Cedar Rapids)

2008 - Thomas J. McIntosh, MD, MACP (Iowa City)

2007 - Paul M. Seebohm, MD, FACP

2006 - James A. Clifton, III, MD, MACP

2005 - Francois M. Abboud, MD, MACP