Distinguished Achievement Award (awarded 1985-2014)

The University of Iowa Department of Internal Medicine Distinguished Achievement Award was created in 1984 to honor individual faculty, alumni, and friends of the department who made significant and enduring clinical or scientific contributions in internal medicine.  In alternating years, the award was made to individuals who had established careers away from the University of Iowa and individuals who were current or emeritus faculty at Iowa.

The breadth and depth of experience, to say nothing of the personal contributions to internal medicine of awardees is remarkable and leaves no area of modern medicine untouched.  We are proud to be associated with these physicians and scientists and honored by their acceptance of this token of our respect and admiration.


Anne L. Taylor, M.D.
John Lindenbaum Professor of Medicine, Columbia University Medical Center
Vice Dean for Academic Affairs, College of Physicians and Surgeons, Columbia University


John B. Stokes, M.D.
Professor and Director
Division of Nephrology

John B. Stokes, M.D. is Professor of Internal Medicine, director of the Nephrology Division at the University of Iowa and executive vice chair for the Department of Internal Medicine.

Dr. Stokes received his M.D. degree from Temple University. He completed residency and fellowship training at Washington University (St. Louis) and the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School (Dallas). Between appointments at these institutions, he was at the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute where he served as the first coordinator of the National High Blood Pressure Education Program, a prototype program for several chronic diseases such as hypercholesterolemia and diabetes mellitus.

Stokes’ laboratory research has focused on the regulation of sodium, potassium and other ions transported in the distal nephron segments of the kidney. Ion transport in this region of the kidney exerts fine control on body fluid volume and electrolyte composition. Most of the known genetic causes of hypertension effect sodium transport in this region of the kidney. Research in his laboratory has helped to frame the fundamental mechanisms that regulate transport of sodium and other ions contributing to hypertension and disorders in body fluid and electrolyte balance.

A leader in the planning and execution of many of the seminal large multicentered NIH-sponsored clinical trials in nephrology including the HEMO trial, the ARF trial, the CRIC study and the FHN trial, Stokes has also served in a number of national organizations including the American Society of Nephrology Board of Advisors and was director of the O’Brien Kidney Research Center at the University of Iowa from 1997-2010. He is a member of the American Society of Clinical Investigation, the Association of American Physicians, and the American Clinical and Climatological Association.

A longstanding member of the Fraternal Order of Eagles (FOE), Stokes’ worked with this organization to secure a pledge of 25M dollars in 2008 – the fourth largest gift ever to the University of Iowa -- to create the FOE Diabetes Research Center at the University of Iowa.

A leader in personal tallness and pastry consumption, John is the go-to consultant on virtually all matters of department and University business. His integrity, loyalty, and analytical abilities have made him the advisor-in-chief for each of the five department heads he has served in his 34 years at Iowa. He is admired by his faculty and fellows, ridiculed by fashion critics, and loved by his friends and colleagues and by one million Eagles throughout North America.  

Past Recipients

2011 - David C. Stump, MD
2009 - Gerald F. DiBona, MD
2008 - Arthur M. Krieg, MD
2007 - Francois M. Abboud, MD
2006 - Qais Al-Awqati, MBChB
2005 - M. Paul Strottmann, MD
2004 - Victor L. Schuster, MD.
2003 - David J. Skorton, MD
2002 - Richard P. Wenzel, MD, MSc, MACP
2001 - Hal B. Richerson, MD
2000 - Barry M. Sherman, MD
1999 - James Christensen, MD
1998 - Robert A. Clark, MD
1997 - John E. Kasik, MD, PhD, FACP
1996 - Richard M. Freeman, MD
1995 - George N. Bedell, MD
1994 - John C. Hoak, MD
1993 - James A. Clifton, MD
1992 - William E. Connor, MD
1991 - Paul M. Seebohm, MD
1990 - Daryl K. Granner, MD
1989 - Lewis E. January, MD
1988 - Curtis B. Wilson, MD
1987 - William B. Bean, MD
1986 - Walter M. Kirkendall, MD
1985 - John W. Eckstein, MD